The Heir, the Prince, and the Traitor

Book 1 of the Coran Chronicles

16-year-old Alaine is determined to find the family who gave her up. She has the best adoptive family, but the yearning question in her head never stops. That is until a strange man gives her a magical object which changes her life in ways she never wanted and reveals the truth about her past in a way she never imagined.

On the planet Coran, Prince Mikael returns home after temporary banishment. His father hopes his time away has corrected his view about the Gifted and prepared him for the responsibilities of the crown. But all of Mikael’s plans of becoming a perfect prince and son are crushed when Alaine falls into his life.

Fileus finds himself in a dilemma when he realizes his father figure Arkhill has been stealing the power of other Gifted. Trust broken, Fileus tries to find a way to stop him, but plans change when he is thrown into Alaine’s path.

Can the three uncover Arkhill’s true motives and stop him? Or will they fail the Gifted, who are on the verge of extinction?