The Coran Chronicles: Book 1 – The Orb of ‘Unlimited’ Power

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Alaine Turner doesn’t know where she came from or who her birth parents are on Earth. She was adopted into a wonderful family, lives a great life, but has often wondered “Where did I come from?” On her 16th birthday, that question is answered.  After 16 years of zero contact, Alaine’s birth father Fileus Hartkins visits her. And what does he say to his daughter after so many years? Nothing. Instead of an explanation as to why he gave her up, Fileus gives Alaine a magical orb with almost infinite power. The orb tells Alaine – yes, the orb talks – she was in fact born on another world called Coran. From then on, Alaine learns how to use her new found magical powers, travels to her birth world, discovers more about her parents, and begins to learn why she was given this talking, magical orb in the first place.

Status: 7th draft in Progress

The Coran Chronicles: Book 2 – The Throne of Carnet

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Alaine Turner has grudgingly accepted to begin her training and education to becoming the next high queen of Coran. She spends her days learning etiquette, defense, dance, speech, and memorizing the history of Coran all under the untrusting eyes of King Salamon and her close guard Sir Knightly. Her nights are either spent talking with Prince Michael until dawn or returning home to Earth. For a while, Alaine believes she is earning the trust of the people around her and of the other rulers of Coran, but that is not to be. During a trip to the palace of Hartwood in Frostlight, for the Winter Festival, Alaine finds herself betrayed by all the rulers and sentenced to death. As for her father Fileus, he and the mind manipulator Lira, begin their search to finding out where exactly Arkhill has taken the mages.

Status: 1st Draft in Progress

The Coran Chronicles: Book 3 – The Crown of Coran

Not official cover – I do not own the image

At the moment, few scenes have been written, and I’m not entirely sure what’s going to happen until I finish Book 2. So until then, enjoy the cover!

Status: Non-Existant Draft in Progress

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