The Heir, the Prince, and the Traitor

Book 1 of the Coran Chronicles

Kidnapped as an infant and dropped off on another world, Alaine Turner goes about her life on Earth with no knowledge of where she came from or who she really is. That is until a strange man gives her an orb of power that changes her life in ways she never wanted and reveals the truth about her past in a way she never even imagined.

Prince Mikael returns home after being away in another kingdom for far too long. His father King Salamon hopes his time in the other kingdom helped to correct his mind and to prepare him for the responsibilities that are to come since he is a prince, but Mikael struggles with following his heart or following his father’s wishes and avoiding his disappointment.

Being the second hand of a demigod, Fileus Hartkins finds himself in an unpleasant situation where he must follow what he believes to be right or continue to be loyal to his father figure and turn his head away to the truth.

Together, Alaine, Mikael, and Fileus must help one other on their paths to discover what is right and to save the lives of a race of people who are on the verge of being extinct.