July Recap ~ August’s Goals

After spending all of June in this perfect chilly weather, the 100’s came a’knockin’. The weather hasn’t exactly been pleasant, even indoors where the air conditioning temp is the equivalent to a freezer. I can’t wait for fall. I even bought an Autumn Leaves scented candle for my room.

This was my first full month at my temporarily new job and all has been going well. Been doing mostly office work at a daycare and I’ve been able to use my creative skills in the process.

I finally finished Red Queen and now I got a month to finish the other three . . . wish me luck, lots and lots of luck.

This entire month was devoted to my WIP and it’s last revision which I am happy to say is complete. 107,446 Words. 38 Chapters. My Camp goal was to write/revise 130 pages and I was curious what the total word count for it was and it was 63,123 words . . . I’m surprised too. I thought writing 50K for NaNoWriMo was hard. But keep in mind I’m revising too, so there were some sections I kept from the earlier draft and moved over, but still, I’m surprised. The draft is a bit of a mess in certain areas but I am so happy to have it done. This draft will be moving along into a final draft. I can finally see the finish line and its just a few months away.

I have a line editor booked for September first so I got a whole month to polish this baby up and try to clean up the messy bits. After that, I’ve booked two more editors, a copyeditor and a proofreader. All I have to do is stick to the schedule.

The next five months are going to be very interesting. I’m going back to school for the year and I’ll write up a post more about that because this isn’t going to be a typical college year.

Next month, I’ll try to finish the Red Queen series, beta a little, clean up the draft, and do more stuff that will involve school.


How was your July? If you were participating in Camp NaNo, did you reach your goal? If not, totally fine! Comment your final word count, it’s still a cause for celebration! Any plans for August?




2 thoughts on “July Recap ~ August’s Goals

  1. Congrats on what you achieved for camp nano. That’s a lot and getting it ready for an editor is very exciting. I’m on the complete opposite side of the journey for my current wip. I managed to finish off my draft zero for camp and am going to start writing my first draft in a couple of weeks.

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