Pages from My Journal: How My 1st Car Got Stolen



My first car was a silver Honda Civic, paid 3K for it from a used car lot. I was so happy to have a car because honestly, I hated how I still needed to be driven to school and had to wait until someone was available to pick me up afterward. And I was starting community college and my schedule didn’t always line up with my mom or older siblings’, and I was working multiple part-time jobs, too. A car was a necessity even though I hadn’t been overly excited to get my license.

The seller was a family friend and so I got to take the car home and test it out for a week. It fulfilled its need and the payment was processed. I got a new player for the car, stored my CD’s in it (which included the first CD I ever owned The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe OST), and hung a TARDIS necklace around the rear view mirror.


For three-ish months, all was well until BAM, car troubles. I was on my way to house sit for a family when white smoke started spilling out of the front. After calling my dad, we planned on taking it to the mechanic in the morning. Longest drive for such a short distance. The engine kept cutting off and I had to stop and left it cool. Thank God it was early in the morning and there was hardly anyone on the road.

Now, I don’t want to force blame on anyone here, but the thing is, the mechanic took it out for a spin, came back to the shop, went to get something, left the keys in the ignition, and when the mechanic got back, the car was gone. Someone just walked up and took it.


My mom called me that afternoon and after she said my nickname with a long sigh, I don’t know how, but I knew exactly what she was going to say. I wasn’t exactly happy but I wasn’t angry. I don’t really get angry. Frustrated, yes, but the timing couldn’t be perfect. I was starting school next week, and I was already stressed out about that, so my anxiety and stress level hit “Are you kidding me?” with a sarcastic tone.

Later that afternoon, went to the scene of the crime to talk with a cop and the mechanic. After a long discussion with my parents, we figured out the driving situation.

Fast forward a month or two later, the car was found. About 10 miles away from town, in the middle of this guy’s property. I’m still not sure why it took that long for them to report the car. If a random car just showed up in our property, we’d find how who owned it.

My parents and I took the short trip to the property to collect my things from the car. Nothing was taken, which was off. The rear view mirror had been torn off and laid on the passenger seat with my necklace still tired around it. My CD’s were still there and everything else. I honestly wish I had an idea of what was going through the mind of the person who took my car.

Anyway, the car was no longer mine. It was now our insurance company’s since it was missing in action for so long. Got paid back my 3K and used that to pay for half of my mom’s car which is currently mine now – well I own half of it, parents own the other half.

Honestly, I don’t miss the car. But it was a good first car for those short months I had it. And well, now whenever I park somewhere, even if its just to pick something up, I never leave the keys in the ignition and the car still running:)



4 thoughts on “Pages from My Journal: How My 1st Car Got Stolen

    1. Hope

      It definitely wasn’t something I was prepared for, lol. Oooh college, how exciting! Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you any of the generic questions, like “What are you taking?” “Are you majoring in something or just taking classes?” “What do you hope to become in life?”


  1. Wow, crazy person probably wanted to joyride in it! Shame it wasn’t found before the insurance paid out 😦
    I once left my car running in a supermarket car park for over half an hour. I didn’t realise until I went to look for the keys as I left the store, and I was so relieved it was still there!

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