July Goals + Camp NaNo + Update!


Happy Sunday! I know I haven’t posted for awhile and I am truly sorry but going through another blog rut. This month has been a bit overwhelming. I’ve been throwing myself into this final revision of The Heir, the Prince, and the Traitor and since I wanted to publish August, I was hurrying to get this MS finished and cleaned up while trying to find a line editor on short notice.

After finding a line editor and discussing my situation, she suggested I push the publishing date back, and after thinking about it, I agreed, which honestly lessened the stress that was boiling over.

So, I have been on a short hiatus from my story, which brings me to Camp NaNo in July! I’ll be back to working on my MS when camp starts and my goal of course is to finish the manuscript.

After that, I’ll have another whole month to polish things up before sending this story to the line editor in September. As for a new publishing date, that is still unknown. Shooting for the fall now. The latest being January.

This story will be published one day, I swear, but right now it’s not ready and I don’t want to hurry things and come to regret publishing early.

As for reading, I am still working my way through my June goal of books which was rereading the Red Queen series and the Six of Crows duology.

I will be announcing something quite special in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. Other than the above, that has been my June so far. Summer has at last come. Honestly, for most of this month it has been seriously chilly. It wasn’t till this last week that the temperature went up to 90. I’ll miss the cool breezes but it’s nice to have the sun.

Also, I want to run an idea by you guys. I was thinking of starting a monthly post, taking a page from my journal and sharing it with you – naming it “Pages From My Journal”. No, it won’t be anything too personal. I honestly have one rule with keeping a journal: don’t write anything you don’t want anyone to read. Though to be fair, I have broken that rule once or twice. But anyway, I’d post the picture of the journal page and then elaborate on what I wrote, like the trips I’ve taken, the bumps that have happened in my life, etc. What do you think? Would that be something you’d be interested in reading? Let me know in the comments!


I hope you all are having a marvelous and hopefully relaxing summer!



What are your goals for July? How did you do with this month’s goals? Are you joining camp next month? Tell me all about your project!



5 thoughts on “July Goals + Camp NaNo + Update!

  1. I haven’t done so well with my goals for this month. I got little writing done and didn’t write a short story. I’m still kind of working on it, but I’m feeling nervous because of it. Hopefully, things will turn around next month.

    I won’t be joining Camp this year. I thought about it on numerous occasions, but have been too shy because I don’t have the time to write every day. And I’d be too nervous and stressed about meeting a word count goal. But I’ll be cheering others on as I read posts and statuses on social media.

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  2. I always stress myself out with self imposed deadlines and sometimes it’s just so refreshing to push them back. It actually makes me excited for the project again rather than anxious. I hope everything goes to plan and you have a great camp. My goal for July is to keep outlining the wip I’m working on and not get distracted!

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    1. Hope

      Thank you! I was super relieved when I decided to push the deadline back. Lessened the stress tremendously.

      Good luck with outlining your WIP! I hope you don’t get distracted:)


  3. I’m soooo looking forward to the publication of The Heir, The Prince, and The Traitor!! But glad you’ve got a schedule that will work better for you. Stress is no fun and not conducive to creativity (for me at least). Motivation, however, does help, such as Camp NaNoWriMo. 😀 Yay, camp! I’m glad I decided to do the July one with you guys.

    And please do share some journaling! Your journals look fun and scrappy—I used to collect bits of ephemera for my journals too.

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