June Goals & New Starts

Happy Sunday! I think this is the first time I have ever done a goals post. Or maybe this is my second… Can’t remember. But anyway, there are a few things that will be going on this month – or at least I hope they do and I don’t grow lazy but maybe since I am sharing this with you it will motivate me to complete and stick with these goals – and this will also be a small update post as well. Enjoy! 🙂


So, last month (and part of April) I worked with a developmental editor on The Heir, the Prince, and the Traitor. The process took about 7 weeks and it was so worth it. I’m planning to write a whole post on my experience with the editing process (working with someone who knows what they’re doing), so that should be coming in the next month or so!

This month, I will be writing a new revision for my WIP. Yes, in the past I have said at some point that that current draft was the last revision, but I have realized that even if you decide to have this type of editor look at your story when you hope to publish in a couple of months, there will be a new revision, unless you decide not to follow all of their notes or suggestions. It’s up to you, but this draft needs several parts rewritten and I am very excited for most of the changes.

More editing will be following: line, copyright, & proofread. I’m just crossing my fingers it all gets done before September. Wish me luck!


Social Media

Yet again, I will be participating in the monthly hashtag AuthorConfessions hosted by the lovelies J. M. Sullivan & Jessica Julien. I highly recommend joining in if you’re on Twitter or Instagram.

Also, on Instagram I’m joining the #junebookstagram18 photo book prompt hosted by @erinsummerill, @book_junkee, & @reverieandink. It’s been fun so far! And I’m looking forward to the rest of the month and trying to be creative with my books.



This month I WILL read 6 books. You heard me! 1 or 2 plus a beta story is my usual, but I am going to crank it up a notch. I’ll be finishing Six of Crows and starting Crooked Kingdom, plus rereading the Red Queen series and finally War Storm! Please wish me lots of luck. I’ll need it:)



Work has been good. This week is my last week as an office assistant. It’s a bit sad. Been working for the lovely office ladies at my old high school since my senior year, so it’ll be hard to leave and say goodbye. But we all must move on at some point, right?

Last night I had a realization. It’s time to start exercising again! Yay!… And also to cut back on sweet foods. Boo! So, I’m going to try to shed a few pounds and eat healthier – or at least try to. I’ll be looking to Pooh Bear for motivation.



What are your goals for the month? Or just for the summer in general? What are you currently reading? How is your WIP coming along? Planning to join Camp NaNo next month?

4 thoughts on “June Goals & New Starts

  1. Good luck with your goals 🙂
    I’m starting to exercise again this month too. I was pretty lazy in May and ate a lot of junk food. It’s just so hard to resist!
    I also had a really lazy writing month, so I’ll be joining Camp NaNo for sure 😛

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