Congratulations! You’ve Reached Level 21!


Yes, I’m 21 today. Though I was praying this day would be on a Friday because I don’t typically work on Friday’s. But what can you do?

18 wasn’t a huge milestone in my book because there wasn’t a lot going on for 18. Yeah, I’m a young adult and could sign field trip papers without my parent’s signature but . . . that’s it. I guess I could take a driving test without having to take a class but I already got my license when I was 16, so . . . what else do you got 18?

But my 21st year of life has arrived. And with it comes perks and less restrictions – at least according to this country and even then it still depends on where you live.

  • I’m considered an “adult” now and will be treated like one
  • I can now buy liquor and drink legally and go into bars
  • I can get into those VIP rooms at the movies
  • In some states, I can adopt a child
  • I can get a license to bear firearms
  • I can rent a car (though depends on where I go to do so)
  • I can rent a room with certain hotels
  • Having to or not having to show off my driver’s license
  • I can gamble in certain states
  • I can get into venues to see an event or concert where they serve alcohol
  • I can get married without parental consent in certain states

So, yes, many perks . . . though there’s a high chance of me not taking full advantage of everything on that list.

I did have a plan for how I wanted to spend my 21st. It was going to be alone. Now, please don’t think that as being sad or anything. I wanted to get up early in the morning around 4, maybe, drive to the west coast and just hang out on the beach, maybe visit some of the smaller towns, and just spend the day on my own. Maybe go to Seattle and do things that I wouldn’t normally do alone and spend money that I’ll probably regret spending the next day. But still, it sounded fun to me.

But sadly, work is important and my 21st will be just a regular day. Maybe I’ll do a day-trip to Seattle on Friday but it’ll be a tad less special. Or I’ll end up treating myself to Deadpool 2. The latter is a higher possibility.

So, now I suppose that I must leave my childish self behind and construct myself into a responsible, confidant, hard working adult.

Or, as an old friend told me several times . . .


Now, a short letter to my future life!

To my 20’s and beyond,

Hello, official adult life. I haven’t exactly been excited to meet you but here we are. From what I have seen through others, you are hard to live with but there are some good sides to you. If at all possible, please be nice to me. I don’t want to entirely grow out of all the things I presently love to do. I would like to be happy with where I end up living and where I end up working. I know there will be times when life gets complicated or I get hurt or I might end up reaching rock bottom, so please be so kind as to send at least a few goods days to chase away the stressful ones:) 

Your’s Truly


Now, a small gift to you!

I have nothing to give away for a giveaway, so I thought I might share a short chapter from the short story I’m currently trying to write. This was my Camp NaNo project. I was hoping to complete it but only reached halfway.

Anyway, a little context. Maven is far from home and is in the care of a small family in the western end of the Misty Woodland. She was injured when she arrived and the family helped to revive her. But Maven doesn’t want to stay and tells the family that she wishes to find her father. Late one night, the mother of this family decides to take Maven away to find her father.

I hope you enjoy it (though warning you this is 1st draft material), and Maven meets someone in this chapter who may or not be related to Alaine Turner.


Night fell quickly after she ate, and Aylard and Larae helped her back to the tent. Insects sang in the bushes as the trees continued to shake. Then a plit and plat hit against the tent. More followed, until the tent began to soak and drip down onto Maven. She rolled on her side and used the stake to pull herself up. Through a crack in the flaps of the tent, she watched the rain fall.

After a while, with all the strength in her arms, she pulled herself to her feet, and headed outside. The rain felt good against her face. She looked for the moons but they were nowhere in sight. For some, the wetness might’ve chilled them, but it was warm and comforting to her. She walked to an open area where the trees couldn’t catch all of the drops. And then she saw Arthus. The edges of his pale grey surface broke through the clouds and lit up the rain. It was like the stars were falling. She smiled up at him, reassured to know he was still looking out for her.


She twirled around at her name. Her stomach stung with pain at the sudden movement.

“Maven!” Through the brush, Larae appeared. Her long hair was soaked as was her woven dress. “What are you doing out here?” Larae glanced behind her and Maven saw that she carried a large stuffed bag on her back. Larae walked to her and took her hand. “Come with me.”

“Where?” she shouted through the plitters and platters.

“To find your father.”


“Yes! But we must go now.”

To find her Pa? She grew excited and nodded.

Larae led her further and further from the clearing, and even further from the tent. They trudged through the wood. The ground grew so tangled, Larae had to carry Maven in her arms until they could both walk again. The rain didn’t let up. If possible, it poured more on top of them.

Even when daylight broke, the rain continued to shower upon them. They didn’t say much to each other. Several times Maven thought she heard something in the bushes. In the corner of her eyes, she saw a long pair of furry ears pop out.

“Larae.” She tugged on her dress.

Larae eyed the spot where the ears had been. “Just keep walking.”

A twig snapped behind Maven. She turned around. Three feet away was a small creature she had never seen before. It’s ears were almost as long as her arms, it had a round face with a button nose that twitched, four furry paws, and a fluffy tail. It looked rather cute.


A hand fell on Maven’s shoulder. “Don’t move.”

She didn’t understand. The creature was so small. How could it be dangerous?

Larae pulled out a large knife from her pack. “Walk slowly backwards. Do not run.”

She did as instructed, though still confused. “What is it?”

“Have you never seen a barbloe before?”


Another twig snapped to her left. Maven looked and another barbloe hopped out of the brush. This one opened its mouth, revealing sharp long teeth, and hissed at Maven.

Larae swore under her breath. “We must be near a nest. We have to get out of here.” She pulled out a dead fish from her pack and threw it at the two barbloes. The one that had its mouth open, jumped onto the fish and began tearing the scales from its body. The other joined in, ripping the tail off and swallowing it in one gulp.

“Quickly!” Larae grabbed Maven’s hand and pulled her through the dense brush.

Maven tried to keep up, but her stomach started to throb and sting and her legs were sore from the how long they had been walking. The bushes snagged parts of her dress, scratched her arms, and even her cheek. Maven had never seen so many trees in her life. Did it never end?

Larae slowed their pace after a while, breathing heavily. “I think we’re far enough away.”

A barbloe suddenly jumped out of the brush and onto Maven’s back, digging its teeth into her shoulder. Maven screamed. Larae swung at the barbloe with her knife. Another one appeared and bit Larae’s leg. And then another one showed up and pulled at Maven’s hair.

“Hold on, Maven!” Larae stuck the knife into the barbloe clinging to her leg and raced to Maven, cutting the throat of the one on her shoulder and nicking the one pulling her hair. Another barbloe flew out of the brush. Maven ducked and plopped down onto the ground, grunting. Another barbloe hopped out of the green and charged toward her. But then, an arrow struck the barbloe, right through the chest.

“Don’t move!” a voice boomed.

Maven pulled herself up and tried to find the source. Another arrow whizzed by, striking a barbloe hidden in the brush. Silence fell. Even the rain had let up.

Leaves rustled behind them. They both turned. From around several trees appeared three men and two women, each with a bow in hand. The tallest among them was a rather large man with short cut blond hair. He had a cut beard around his mouth and wore a fur skin and leather pants.

Larae moved in front of Maven and held up her knife. “Not a step closer.”

The man smirked as he slung his bow over his shoulder. “No offense, but your little knife isn’t going to do much harm to me.” He had rather large muscular arms, sort of like Pa’s. “And we did just save your lives.”

“We had everything under control,” Larae snapped back.

He bellowed out a deep laugh. “Yes. I’m sure you would’ve been able to handle the rest that were coming after you.” He motioned with hand for them to turn around. Larae stayed put but Maven looked. Behind them were more lumps of fur, too many for her to count, each with an arrow protruding from them.

“Please, put the little knife down. We will not harm you.”

“Who are you? All of you?”

The other four had started to pick up the dead barbloes. They stopped and looked at the man.

“My name is Lennon Carnet, madam. And we are only a band of rogues surviving in the wild. We are not robbers, if that thought had entered your mind. Even if we were, you would’ve already shared the same fate as these creatures.”

Larae looked at Maven and then slowly lowered the knife. “We’re trying to reach Amstern.”

“You’re a little ways further east.”

Larae cursed. “Wonderful. We’ve lost half our day.”

The other four in the party continued to pick up the barbloes. Lennon did the same. “Perhaps you would like to come to our campsite. Rest up. And we could dry out some of these creatures for you to take with you.”

Maven wanted to go. Her feet were sore and her shoulder throbbed.

Lennon seemed to understand her. He looked at her shoulder. “And I’m sure you would like to see your injuries taken care of. I know of a woman who can fix you right up.”

After a moment, Larae agreed. They followed Lennon and his rogue group further into the forest.


I hope you enjoyed that and caught who the character was:) 

Now, my final thoughts on this day!

21. It feels surreal. Just imagining myself getting older is weird. But what is the next milestone? 25? 30? When do I start lying about my age? When I reach 30 will I have the same attitude as Joey from Friends?

Is there some special tradition (aside from drinking like there’s no tomorrow) that a 21-year-old does on their birthday that I don’t know about?

I do know one thing is for certain on this day. I will be eating a slice or two (or three) of Costco’s signature chocolate cake because OMG, look at this beauty. . .



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