How My Story was Going to Be Written, According to 12-Year-Old Me

Hey guys and gals! Happy Sunday:) I thought I’d share something special with you today. As you know, or may not, The Heir, the Prince, and the Traitor is a story I’ve had in my head since I was about 12. To give you an overview of what my life was like then, I was in junior high, I was dealing with my dyslexia and taking these special classes to help me overcome it, I was reading non-stop, and imagining/daydreaming non-stop. I decided to paint my old small box of a room yellow-gold.

Yes, my bed is in my closet. I went through this phase of rearranging my room in every way possible…actually that phase hasn’t really ended to be truthful.

Anyway, back to my story. So, some time in the summer of 2008 or 9, I can never remember, I started thinking up stories in my head and some I did try to write.

I had this story about a girl who, with her best guy friend, end up sucked through a portal into this magical land where they had to help the “true king” take his throne back from his evil twin or older brother. Never finished it.

And then THE STORY came to mind.

Ready? Sit back and relax. Also this will be the cliff note version because…all the versions of this story I wrote (only the beginning portion) ended up getting lost on my first laptop…it still breaks my heart. But I hope you enjoy it none the less:)


The story begun during a battle.

The castle in the kingdom of Zelyndra was under attack and the royal family was still inside. The queen was giving birth and could not be moved. The king was busy protecting his queen, by joining his men in the throne room to fight off the attackers. The eldest child, the prince, had been taken by his nanny into hiding.

The king and his knights were outnumbered. They slowly tried to keep the enemy at bay but were overthrown. The king, with a few knights, sprinted to his chambers where his wife was. 

Even from within the room, the queen could hear the fighting that was happening outside the door. The king soon joined her as she gave birth to a baby girl. But the parents sadly could not enjoy the moment. The king fled the room to protect his wife and newborn and died along with his men.

As for the queen, weak with exhaustion, her maidservant helped her flee through a hidden servant’s door with the child, all the way to the stables where they mounted a horse and fled.

But they were followed by a lone enemy soldier who happened to stray from the main group. They were chased across a grassy field, until the soldier caught up and injured their horse. All three were tossed and thrown to the ground. The soldier killed the maid in a heartbeat. As for the queen, she begged and she begged to be allowed to live. She held her child close to her chest. But the child was torn from her arms and a sword was shoved into her. 

As for the child, the soldier hesitated. He killed two defenseless women but chose not to end the baby girl’s life. He knew he could not take her back to the army, so he climbed upon his steed and fled the area. The soldier did not know these lands and soon got lost. He ended up riding through a tundra where there was not a blade a green to be seen.


But in the midst of this tundra was a lone shack with smoke rising from the chimney. The soldier rode to it, banged on the door, but no one answered it. He tried to get in, but the door was bolted shut. The soldier’s “compassion” to let the child live was wearing off, and so he left her by the shack door, and rode off. 

The newborn cried and cried. This once quiet tundra was now blazing with noise, noise that the old man who lived in the shack did not like. At last the door opened and he poked his head outside. [For those who have read my story, this is Arkhill]. Stunned wasn’t exactly the right word for how he felt when he saw the child. He picked it up as though it were week-old laundry, not entirely sure what to do with it. He brought the little girl inside and climbed down his trapdoor into a larger room underground, beneath the shack. 

Arkhill: minus the staff, the hat, and the bunny in the corner:)

Now, this old man was what we would call a wizard. One who liked to create and experiment. He found a way to create magic and harness it into a form that resembled a small marble. For example, he had orbs that glowed blue, that were mostly used to create or control water. He had red ones where he could create and control fire. Others where he could shrink his size or grow into a giant. Or one that made him invisible, control the weather, grow plants, teleport to other places, and even create animals. But none of these orbs compared to his prize possession. An orb that could do it all. It glowed gold, and it could talk.

The wizard called the orb Portia after his long dead wife. Unlike the other orbs, this one was his companion. It followed him around his home, talked to him, shared jokes, and took an awful lot of interest in the newborn. For hours they argued about what to do with the child. The wizard did not know how to care for it. Portia suggested that they give the child away, and maybe try out her special ability of being able to teleport to other worlds while they were at it. The wizard agreed and they did just that.

They ended up on Earth, naturally, and the wizard left the newborn on the doorstep of a house. 

13 or 14-ish years later.

Annie [who is now named Alaine] is sitting on the one swing in her family’s front yard, thinking about how awful her day has been. She was bullied again, and no one was there to help her and she’s too scared to talk to an adult. [Yeah, Matthew didn’t exist in this first idea.] Her parents are at work till nightfall, and she’s bored out of her mind.

Then, quite out of the blue, a floating golden orb flies directly to her. Annie is of course confused and thinks she might’ve fallen asleep and is dreaming about this orb. The orb then floats away and Annie follows it. Her home is sort of outside of town, so the orb takes her a mile or so over the low hills and then it stops. The orb begins to fly in a large oval, faster and faster, while it’s golden light is filling the oval. Annie is drawn to the light and goes in.


Down she falls, crashing into a lake. Annie swims to shore and lo and behold she is not alone. A rather stunned little blonde girl saw the whole thing. She immediately showers Annie with questions about her magic and where she came from. Annie isn’t quite sure what happened and tells the girl she’s from another world. She looks for the orb that brought her but its nowhere in sight. 

The girl, who introduces herself as Princess Mia, decides to take Annie home. They are rather far from Mia’s home city [Caledonia]. Mia actually sort of ran away so she could be by herself. Annie thinks this is odd that she’s alone. Mia reassures her that if she’s in danger she’s got her dagger to protect her. Annie examines the dagger, and as the two girls pass through an orchard, specifically under a climbable tree, a body jumps down and scares them. Annie uses the dagger and nearly cuts the boy her age with the dagger. The boy gets upset about this and takes away the dagger, then he starts scolding Mia on how she shouldn’t go off on her own. Mia introduces Annie to her older brother Michael [Now Mikael] and they head to the castle.

[Now, this was where I always hit writers block. I never wrote any further than this. This was going to be one of those “prophecy, chosen one” stories.]

A year earlier, the wizard Arkhill visited the Mia and Mikael’s father King Lennon [Now King Salamon], to tell him that a girl will come who will aide Caledonia before it’s destroyed or something like that. Caledonia was a very small kingdom that was constantly attacked by raiders, bandits, and even the unicorns who had once controlled the land until the humans arrived. King Lennon and his wife Queen Rose [Now Queen Lilith] believed this prophecy from the wizard, but as the months dragged on and nothing improved and there was no sight of the girl, they lost hope. Everyone except Mia. 

The rest of the story involved Annie living in the castle, Michael teaching her how to sword fight, Portia finally showing up and explaining a few things, Annie going off on her own and meeting a unicorn who she befriends, Caledonia being attacked by raiders and Mia dying because she thought she was strong enough, and well her brother and Annie found a way to sneak into the battle. Annie trying to help Michael with his grief. And then the climax involved the unicorns attacking but Annie and her unicorn friend stopped it from happening and was able to help the two sides communicate to where they could live on the same land peacefully.

[Naturally, of course I had mentally outlined a series for this story] Annie soon met Arkhill and he and Portia had figured out who she was and where she came from. Annie tries to deal with the fact that she was born on this world and to also find out who led the attack to kill her family and if her older prince brother was dead or alive since no one had seen or heard of him since the attack. Annie ends up raising two dragons, not at the same time cause one of them dies, and she ultimately goes back to Zelyndra which has been a wasteland since the attack. 

This story had many problems but my 12-year-old self thought it sounded awesome. I’m very glad I stuck with the idea, even if it took six more years for me to write a full draft, and by then the story had changed a lot, but I was pleased with it.

For those of you who have read parts or my latest draft, you can see I kept some of the names and elements of this version.

For those of you who haven’t read it yet, I hope to be publishing my story this summer. I haven’t decided on a date. Hoping sometime in August or early September. My latest draft is with a developmental editor right now, so, during May I will be editing and hopefully working with a cover designer, and we’ll see from there.

I am really looking forward to holding this book in my hands. It has come a long way and I can’t wait to share it with you:)

Have a good week, everybody!


7 thoughts on “How My Story was Going to Be Written, According to 12-Year-Old Me

  1. Oh gosh your 12-year-old room is adorable! I loved the way you tied everything going on in your life with the genesis of your book. 🙂 It’s fun to look back and see how drastically a story changes as it’s written.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hope

      Lol thanks! I even painted quotes on my walls from different books but sadly couldn’t find any pictures:(

      It is fun to look back to see the difference:)


  2. This was adorable! I’m personally glad my storytelling has vastly improved since my middle grade self started to write. 😀 It’ll be fun to impress your younger self by publishing a novel!

    Liked by 1 person

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