The Barren and the Gifted

Happy Sunday! Little writing update before we jump into today’s post. Camp NaNo is going . . . ok. I’m very behind. According to the stats page I’ll be finished next month…but at least I’m still writing my short story. I don’t think I’ll complete my goal but you never know, I might get hit with a storm of inspiration and motivation where I write 10k words in one day. Plus, and this was not planned exactly, I got inspired to start combing my way through the 1st draft of book 2. So, I’m writing book 2’s second draft now. Not complaining entirely. Anyway, on with the post!

This Sunday I am sharing with you about two main groups in my series, and basically the main conflict on Coran. I hope you enjoy the post and let me know what you think in the comments:)


No one possessed power (what we call magic) at the beginning of this world. It was only after people started receiving magical gifts, that they dubbed themselves the Gifted. They believed their gifts came from the Goddess Chora. As for those who did not possess power, they were dubbed the Barren.

The Barren

The name says enough. Empty, useless, unrewarding. You can understand why many of these people hate the Gifted, and some were even perhaps jealous. These people do not possess magic, but they still possess a mind, their strength, and their heart. At times, they have been successful at controlling the Gifted, with a little help from a crystal they discovered that could drain the Gifted’s power. The majority of them often felt they needed to prove that they were power even without the gifts from Chora. They stomped on the Gifted, claiming their gifts were a plague, a infection from the Goddess. But it wasn’t always the Barren’s fault for thinking this way.

A few facts about the Barren . . .

  • The average life span is 70-80 cycles.
  • The average couple produces 3-5 children.
  • Families typically live together for generations.
  • A child becomes an adult at 17-18 cycles.
  • The average Barren tends to continue whatever family job/business, though some have rebelled and found their own fortune in the world.
  • The wealthy are educated, whereas the poor are sent to work.
  • Depending on where they live, they mostly keep to tradition of that era: celebrating the first day of the Bloom season; partaking in activities during the end of the harvest season; a child growing to adulthood would sometimes be required to take on a quest to prove that they are “ready” to take came of themselves and raise a family; giving gifts to their family on their birthday, especially the parents since they’re the ones who brought the kid into the world; or seeking a mate to continue their family’s line.

The Gifted

Many believe that the Goddess Chore, who created Coran, chose them and gave them their powers for a reason. The Gifted could be precede as being smug, big-headed, and power-hungry, but actually, many of them choose not to use their gifts. If they ever did use their gifts, it was to help or to improve their way of living. If there was a drought, those with the gift of water would send in rain or water the fields. Those with fire would help to warm others during the cold seasons. So, not every Gifted made it their mission to hate the Barren or act as though they owned the world. But again, there were some, especially in the early years, when they thought themselves better than the Barren and used their gifts to harm others to their will or to prove they were better and more powerful. Because of their attitude and way of thinking as well as actions, they started the endless civil war.

A few facts about the Gifted . . .

  • A Gifted can live up to 80-90 cycles, but with all the fighting, very few live out their entire lifespan.
  • The child of a Gifted always possesses an orb, even if only one parent has magic and the other doesn’t.
  • The Gifted typically don’t reside in big cities or large towns. They prefer the quiet life in small villages or homes, or keep in one of the two main woods of Coran. But sometimes, if they are in hiding, they will live in a city.
  • A child is considered an adult by 17 cycles.
  • Children have difficulty controlling their gifts if not taught how to control their emotions at an early age.
  • A child who possesses an orb begins to show signs of magic around the age of six or seven.
  • When the Gifted dies, their power dies with them.
  • Some Gifted have tried to remove their orbs from their heart, but no one survived.
  • If a Gifted is on their own against other Barren’s, they have a low chance of winning or surviving. If they are in a group, they are stronger.
  • Depending on their gift, their power is mainly focused through their hands. They don’t need a staff or wand or any other object.

Gifts of Power

  • Air/Wind: the ability to control the air, whether to add or take away, and the ability to control and create wind.
  • Change: the ability to change another being’s state.
  • Cold/Ice/Snow: the ability to create and control ice and snow; or to drop the temperature.
  • Communication: the ability to communicate in any language, whether human or animal.
  • Conjuration: the ability to conjure up an item or being, but it is not permanent. If the Gifted is not strong enough, the conjuration won’t last. If the Gifted dies, the conjuration dies with them.
  • Electricity: the ability to control lightning and create electricity.
  • Fire: the ability to create and control fire. Can also use to heat themselves or other in a harmless way.
  • Force: harsher than levitation.
  • Healing: the ability to heal one’s self and others.
  • Heightened Hearing: the ability to hear further and clearer than the average pair of ears.
  • Heightened Sight: the ability to see further and clearer than the average pair of eyes.
  • Invisibility: the ability to make oneself disappear or unseen by others and if in physical contact with someone, can make them disappear as well.
  • Levitation/Flight: the ability to levitate or hover an object or ones self.
  • Mind Manipulation: the ability to take control of a person/animal’s mind.
  • Mind Reading: the ability to look into a person’s/animal’s mind.
  • Nature: the ability to create and control vegetation.
  • Shadow: the ability to hide oneself in dark places without being noticed and to control shadows. Weakness: obviously light.
  • Shield: the ability to create a protective shield or barrier around oneself. If not done correctly, whatever physically harms the shield, the Gifted feels the effects.
  • Silence: the ability to take away the sound within a certain radius.
  • Strength: the ability of having unfathomable strength.
  • Teleportation: To speedily travel to a known location or person.
  • Transformation: the ability to transform oneself into anything.
  • Water: the ability to create and control water. Includes clouds, fog, and mist.
  • Weather: the ability to control the sky in all it’s moods.

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I know I’m forgetting a few powers, so this list will grow in the future, but I wanted the Gifted to be a bit different from your typical mage or wizard. I didn’t want spells, incantations, or rituals. I guess I was going for people who had superpowers, who lived in a medieval setting, who weren’t always ruling the world. They do have weaknesses, and it is sometimes an equal match between the Barren and the Gifted.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the post! Good luck to my fellow campers; just a couple weeks left! We can do it!

2 thoughts on “The Barren and the Gifted

  1. Glad to hear Camp NaNo’s going okay! My word count’s been limping along as pathetically as my crippled rooster… Ah well. And it’s awesome you’ve been working on Book 2 as well as your short story!

    Ooh, the images in this post are so cool…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hope

      😂 I know the feeling! Another short story idea came to mind this weekend and just had to start it…what have I done🤦🏻‍♀️ I’ve never been good at juggling projects.

      Thank you! Good luck with your project!


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