Happy Sunday! I am back with another post about my world Coran in my fantasy series. This post will be all about the main creatures that walk upon the earth. Now, if you just browsed at the list, you’d probably notice that there aren’t any birds or insects or small creatures (dogs, cats, wildlife). The list does not include most of them because there are many different species (some known to us and others that aren’t) but rest assure that they do exist.

Now, let’s hop to it! 🙂



The dragons mainly live in the northeast section of the continent, around the highest mountain known as the King’s Peak. They’re a rather mellow race of beasts. They keep to themselves and don’t typically harm the two-legged creatures unless provoked.

The dragons are currently led by the eldest among them known as Mathias. Mathias has looked after the dragons almost since the world began. He is not only the oldest dragon but the largest. His years of life have grayed out his scales and kept him grounded. But he is not quite ready yet to pass the torch. He is also the only dragon who can speak in all forms, whether animal or human – a gift from a demigod.

Every few cycles, selected females and males are sent to an island just off the coast of Alder known today as Dragon Island. This is their breeding ground where they keep their eggs until it is time to hatch. But the dragons are very particular about how many of them can exist at once. If some of them have died, then a few of the eggs are hatched. The eggs are buried in the ground and look almost like rocks, so if a two-legged person were to stumbled upon their breeding ground when the dragons weren’t around, they would mistake the eggs for rocks and not take them away to be sold or eaten.

What do the dragons eat? There’s a group of them known as the hunters, who are stealthy and strong. They are often sent to the Hallowing Woods, the Misty Woodland, and the sea coast to scrounged up food to be brought back to the rest.

The people of that world (mostly in Alder) love to hunt down and kill the dragons. Nothing from the dragon is wasted. The skin is typically made into armor, the meat and flesh is cooked and eaten, and the bones are used for weapons and decoration. The wings are even used by the wealthy as a tapestry to decorate their wall or in some rare cases, the wings are used for smaller boats as their sail.

Do people train and ride the dragons? Today, no. No has ever thought about it. But it might happen. We’ll see:)


Wyrms act the opposite of dragons. They live to cause trouble and eager to pick a fight. They reside on the southeast corner of Caledonia, the southern tip of Chora’s Chain, where they nest underground. They will often slither through the Hallowing Woods for their main food source, the hornets and yelk. When they can’t find any food, they will then charge to the local village to sate their appetite.

The current leader of the wyrms is known as Minave. The leader does not live long most of the time. If several of the wyrms hate the leadership, they will kill their leader and create a new female to replace the old one.

It’s not often easy to kill a wyrm. Their scaly armor is tough and hard to puncture through. They’re slick and quick, and they can extract a venom through the tip of their tongue that will slow their prey’s movement so they can’t get away. So, what should one do when they encounter a wyrm? Pray you can outrun it, but the chances of survival are extremely low.



Yes, these are unicorns, but the people of Coran refer to them as hornets. The hornets mainly live in the Hallowing Woods near the southern end, but they are always on the move, traveling across the lands from wood to wood.

These creatures have a bit of an ego. They view themselves as perfections of nature. If even one of them is not “perfect” to their herds’ standards, the hornet is cast out. Sad, right? The cast out hornet will either be captured or killed.

It’s not often easy to catch a hornet since they hardly stay in the same place for long, and they are a lot faster than horses. But if one is captured and killed, the materials from the beast is highly valued among the kingdoms. Their hide is often made into blankets only the wealthy can afford to buy; their horn is melted down and made into jewelry. The meat is eaten and the bones are carved into designs or figurines, or into weapons.

Has anyone thought to train and ride one? They are extremely stubborn creatures and will never let anyone ride them. They will fight until their last breath. But there have been instances where a hornet will give in and allow it to be trained – rare instances.


Known to us as elk and deer. These creatures reside in the Hallowing Woods and don’t really go anywhere else. They prefer their home, even when it is sometimes in danger. If one of their own is threatened or in danger, they will come together to protect. So, watch out for the antlers. They are better hunted down if one can isolate a yelk from their herd.

The yelks hide and meat is a necessity to the neighboring villages, and is often currency when coin is scarce or non existent, unless one traveled to the main city.

Rams & Sheep

The Zelyndrians love raising their rams and sheep. As in, they give them individual names and quite the lazy life. So, the majority of each creature lives a pretty long, relaxed life, mainly in the east corner of the kingdom, close to Farling. Their only role is to have their wool shaved to be used for clothing. Sometimes hunters will snag a couple to eat or sell.

These creatures aren’t exactly the smartest. Because of their spoiled life, they don’t often recognize danger and find it intriguing and often grow curious. Which can lead them into sticky and/or life-threatening situations.

But look how cute they are!


Now, this picture was the closest I could find as to what these creatures look like (in my head). The only difference is, is that warlens have a scaly hide. You can almost think of them as a dragon-bears, minus the wings and fire breathing. These beasts live in the center of the Hallowing Woods, close to Chora’s Chain. They live in caves they’ve burrowed into the ground.

Even though they look frightening, they’re actually quite gentle creatures. They’re often misunderstood by everyone – animals and humans. They’re a small group and live quite peacefully, not bothering anyone, aside from the smaller creatures they eat.

The warlens have an amazing sense of smell, more so than dogs. They can sniff one out miles away and have enough time to hide themselves and warn the others of predators approaching.

Warlens aren’t often captured. Their meat is horrible and makes one sick. Their hide can be used, as well as the horns protruding from their body. But that’s about it.



Think rabbits with fangs. One does not want to be walking through the Hallowing Woods or Misty Woodland without one eye looking toward the ground. They sort of act like wasps. If you bother them, they will bother you. They will nick at your ankles, and their teeth can dig pretty deep. And they can jump about three or four feet into the air.

If one disturbs their “nest,” they better climb the nearest tree. A group of barbloes can take down a human or creature when they are all working together. They are not creatures to mess with.

As with the dragons, don’t bother them, and they won’t bother you.


Horses are possibly the most common creatures known throughout the kingdoms. Their main job is with the army; farming and hulling a close second. The horses have always known a life of slavery. You never see a “free” horse galloping in the fields or even a herd of them. If there was, they would be chased down. There is hardly any horse that will try to “escape.” Even though they sped their whole life in service, the majority of them are treated well enough.

The horses aren’t often killed. Their labor is more important to the people. The kingdom of Alder is the main breeding ground and selling point. Annually, a shipment of trained steeds are sent with the caravans to a particular kingdom that requests them.


Cattle serve nearly the same fate as the horses, but they are mainly bred and raised in Caledonia. They’re rather . . . compliant creatures, never resisting when ordered or led around. Even when they are being led to be slaughtered. Yes, their labor is good, but their meat if often better.

They have never known a life of “freedom” either. In some cases, that can be a good thing. They aren’t fast and their only defense is their long horns.


There you have it! Some of the main creatures in my series. Again, there are others. These aren’t the only ones that populate the world, but they are described or mentioned in my series.

I hope you enjoyed the post! Would writing separate posts detailing about each kingdom be interesting to read? I sort of gave an overview of each one here, but I can always go into more detail:) Or is there something you’d specifically like me to talk about with my world?

Let me know in the comments!

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