Ready Player One


Title: Ready Player One

Author: Ernest Cline

Genre: Hard science fiction, Utopian, and Dystopian fiction


Happy Sunday, everybody! Don’t you love it when you read a book and you’re reading it at the perfect time of your life? For example, this one. We are entering a period of technology where we can now immerse ourselves in a Virtual Reality, plus the whole thing with the Net Neutrality wanting to be taken down, which would let big companies charge us for faster internet access and monthly fees for “entertainment packages”, etc. Now, why was reading this book at this certain time perfect? Well . . . you’ll have to read the book and see.

Update: Saw the movie today (3/29/18). If you’ve read the book and decide to go see it, don’t expect the book. The movie was good (7/10), but don’t think you’re going to see the book.


‘Tis the year 2040. Our world is in ruins and we have pretty much destroyed our planet because of how much we take it for granted and how we are lazy to make it better. The only escape from reality humankind has is an interactive, virtual, game utopia known as the OASIS created by the all wonderful James Halliday.

On the day Mr. Halliday dies, a message from him is sent out to the whole world, announcing a contest within the OASIS where he had hidden three keys to open three gates, which will lead to an Easter Egg which will result in all of his fortune and full control over the OASIS. Halliday leaves riddles and puzzles behind that will lead to each key and gate, and the world goes nuts.

Five years pass and no one has even discovered the first key, until one day, and I quote, “…on the evening of February 11, 2045, an avatar’s name appeared at the top of the Scoreboard, for the whole world to see. After five long years, the Copper Key had finally been found, by an eighteen-year-old kid living in a trailer park on the outskirts of Oklahoma City.”

And the game begins. . . Or the contest officially begins . . .


I admit I got a little too lost in this story. The pages flew by faster than I wanted them too and I was hooked from the beginning. I got emotionally attached to each character (whether good or bad emotions), and just fell in love with this VR OASIS. Be prepared for a ton of 80’s references within the following: movies, games, TV shows, comics, and music. There is a lot of info dumps, especially at the beginning. If you like competition stories, I would definitely pick this one up, especially if you are a gamer of classics.

What I Liked

  • The info dumps. Say whaaa? Yes, you heard me. I LOVED the info dumps! All the information about how Halliday came up with the game and how the MC would geek-out . . . I was glued to the pages.
  • The “main” conflict.
  • The characters and *static covers up words* at the end. Emotions and feelings went overboard!
  • The OASIS of course and the endless possibilities within.

What I Didn’t Like

  • The info dumps. Yes, I liked and disliked them. I disliked them when they showed up during fast-paced scenes, and they completely sloooowwwwed everything down and I didn’t want the scene to slow down. So, doing those moments I did not like them very much.
  • It was a little predictable, but that doesn’t always have to be a bad thing.

Overall, this one was highly enjoyable! I really should start rating these books… Anyway, if you love video games, competition, and futuristic dystopian stories, this one is for you 🙂

If you’ve read this book, what did you think? Will you be watching the movie coming out in March? Are you scared the movie won’t justify the book? I am . . . just a little.

5 thoughts on “Ready Player One

  1. I loved this book, but the movie, like all movies based on whatever, looks like strays far away from its source material. That’s OK though. I’ve come to accept that as long as they don’t completely ruin it. I hope to be surprised. I have faith in Spielberg.

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    1. Hope

      I am holding onto a thin strand of hope that I don’t hate it completely, but I have a feeling I will be the one in the theater going “Well, the book said…!” “That wasn’t in the book!” “No! They took out the best part!” I just hope Spielberg won’t let us down…

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