Happy Sunday! I hope your 2018 has been going splendidly. Trying to get back into the school and work routine and trying to find time to write/edit as well.

Before I get into the topic of this post I’d like to update you on the progress of my book. I’ve been getting beta notes and comments back and will be reading over them and deciding what to change and what to keep. My absolutely wonderful CP actually suggested a few editors to me and after reading up on what specifically they do and who they are, I am beyond thrilled to get in touch and finally have this story officially edited. So, I think I just completed my goal of finding an editor in January. Yay!

Okay, back to the post 🙂


Religion in Coran was probably the most undeveloped part I had not spent a lot of time, well, developing. The basis of it was that there was a creator named Chora and most people believed in her existence. She had two sons who some believed were dead and others believed still walked among them, but they were not worshiped.



The origin of Chora’s story was that she created Coran and lived among the people but did not tell them who she was. She was humble, kind, caring, and loved her creation. She ultimately fell in love with a man named Jarin and they had two boys. But many years later, Chora disappeared.

No one knew how or why,  but many theories developed.

  • Jarin died and Chora was so distraught, that she left this world to be with him and in doing so, created a place where all who passed away were welcomed to her arms, to live with her for the rest of time.
  • Chora grew tired of living in her world and decided to leave and make another.
  • Her world began to fall to pieces. Violence and hate broke out, and she was so saddened by this that she gave up on her creation to let it fend for itself.
  • She never really existed and all of this was already here. People only just wanted there to be a reason as to why they were alive and how everything was made.

I could go on, but all of these theories of what happened to her are false. Now, I really don’t want to get into Spoiler Territory but the truth of what happened to her does reveal itself in my series at one point.

The Present

At this point, you might be asking yourself “If she lived among her creation and didn’t tell them who she was, then how did they know about her?” Simple. Centuries or less after her disappearance, one of her sons began to spread the word about his mother. He told them how wonderful and loving she was. He told a specific group of people known as the Gifted (who possess magical abilities) that their power (known as gifts) came from Chora herself. Stories spread of her and a religion was formed.

Now, centuries later in the 4th Era of this world, the main belief these people worship and take part in is that if you are a good person, if you never hurt another soul, or if you did and you repented of your wrongdoing then when you died you would be sent to Chora.

This world doesn’t consist of the typical “Good vs. Evil” type of religion many believe in. There isn’t a version of the devil. So, what happens to those who aren’t good, who didn’t repent? Well, many believe that they are not welcomed to be with the Goddess. Many believe that their souls will wander for eternity, feeling lost, empty, and in constant agony. As for the ones who are terrible people, their souls would wither in pain forever. And if you did not repent of your wrongdoings, died, and your soul ended up in this state, there would be no way to ask for forgiveness or to find a way back to the Goddess.

If one wishes to repent of their wrongfulness, there are two ways of doing so.

Norman Chapel 432

  • The first is to visit a chapel in one of the main cities. Each palace and castle has a small chapel for the family (if they wished to install one and are part of this religion). But there is sometimes another within the city the common folk may visit. An elder of the town/city is usually picked who has the honor of “acting as Chora” and forgiving all of their wickedness or dark deeds. It’s sort of like with Catholicism and Confession, but rather than speaking with the elder in private, there are times when others are present and one must repent all they have done in front of an audience. From there, the elder will have you drink from water that has been taken from Goddess Bay in the north (see The Land post for more information about the bay). You are now clean and pure again.
  • The second way to “clean your soul” would be to travel to Goddess Bay north of the Snowpack Mountains, but this visit is tricky. There is a certain time of the cycle where the reflection from the mountains and sun will shine upon the bay and the waters will turn white. Not many know when this will happen. Thankfully, there is a village one can stay at called Forester. When the waters turn white, one must then wade through the water and fully submerse themselves and wash in the Glory of the Goddess. Once the waters have returned to their normal state, the ritual is complete and their soul is clean.


So basically, these people believe that if you do not honor their creator and are not good, she will not accept you and you are left lost forever. Simple, yes?

But what if, say someone in your family was not good and they did not repent and then they died, but you did not want them to wander lost? Could you do something to see to it that their soul was found? Would you perhaps sacrifice something (or maybe someone) to make sure that your family member would make it to Chora’s side?

That’s another area of religion that is more practiced in the south, in the kingdom of Alder. If you believed Chora would not accept someone you loved or cared about, then they believed they could plead to the Goddess. If you were a warrior, you would hunt down the biggest beast and offer it as a sacrifice to Chora, and from there, they believed that she would then accept the one they loved into her arms. If you were a commoner or even a royal or lord/lady, then you would offer something that meant a great deal to you. You would sacrifice your wealth, your status, your home, your food, anything that you held dear to your heart. There were even times when one would give their own life, believing that Chora would let them switch places with their loved one. Once the sacrifice was made, the soul was saved.

In other areas of the world, many believed Chora never existed, and go about their lives not worshiping in a higher being (mostly in the kingdom of Dolvar). Or they do believe, but not in her. They’ve come up with their own gods and worship them. These people mostly live in the Hallowing Woods or Misty Woodland. Society didn’t want them changing their minds or causing them to doubt their beliefs, so they cast them out or anyone else who didn’t believe in Chora.

But what about Chora’s sons? How did they fit into all of this? Were they like her? No. Not completely. They were demigods, but have stayed out of history and people’s lives. No one knows who they are, save for a handful of people. The Gifted have more knowledge of the brothers than the Barren (the ones without magical abilities) do, and the knowledge is never shared. And again, spoilers:)

Heavenly Rays from Above Sunrays Beam of Light Clouds


That is basically the overview of the religion on Coran. I mean, I could possibly go into more detail, but I won’t, unless you want me to 🙂 I hope you enjoyed the post!

Have a wonderful week, everybody!

5 thoughts on “Religion

  1. Hmmm. Definitely makes you stop and think a moment. Even with made-up religions, I always have a tendency to look at what they got right and what they got wrong, and try and see what’s good in them… kinda got carried away with this, though… 😛

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    1. Hope

      Is that a good thing? I know it needs more work but I’m happy that it’s out of the mist and I can work with it. I wanted it to be “different” in the sense of the whole “good vs. evil, God vs. devil,” never existing.


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