End of the Year ~ Goals of 2018


Happy last Sunday of the year!!!

Overall, discounting the horrible things that have happened in the world and the political drama, it was a really good year for me. I made myself personal goals, accepted yearly challenges, and I think I did pretty well, save for a few I did not complete. I also did things that were different or things I’ve never done before. Aside from that, this year was just filled with so many first’s in my life.

  • First betas
  • First time beta reading
  • First writing relative twitter account
  • First boyfriend
  • First kiss
  • First time driving out of my town alone, by myself (highways are scary)
  • First Comic Con experience!
  • First time doing NaNo!
  • First time visiting this lonely tree I always see when I drive home that’s on a hill behind my house. I call him Fred.

It wasn’t always perfect, but I wouldn’t trade this year for anything.


Now, to acknowledge what has happened in the world. I’m not one who is very political or one who checks the news often, but even when you try to hide from what is happening outside your door, you still end up finding out. There is no hiding from it unless you decide to become a hermit. But I think we all know what pretty much has happened this year and I would like to address some of the good that also happened.

It’s easy for the dark to appear “brighter” than the light, which is not how it should be. The light should always shine brighter even when we feel hopeless. Below is a video of Ellen telling us not to give up and to have hope and there are also videos of the good which she shines the spotlight on. You may or may not need tissues . . .

Good has and always will conquer evil.

2017 Goals

Personal Goals

* Go to Comic Con or any other convention (Completed! 😀 ) Went to Emerald City Comic Con and a convention in my town. Both fun!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

* Spend less – set up a budget (Failed 😦 ) Did not spend less and had trouble following a budget. It’s hard . . .


* Open up a saving’s account (Completed! 😀 ) Best decision I made and I did it all without needing my dad to go with me to the bank to talk with the slightly scary people. But they were nice and humorous.

Blog ~ Platform Goals

  • Gain at least 10 Followers on this blog. Ended up with 14 (Completed! 😀 ) And thank you for following and the support! I love you all!
  • Be active on Twitter and engage in the writing community (Completed! 😀 ) Met so many wonderful writers and I can’t wait to meet more 😀

2017 Reading Challenge (Failed 😦 ) But here is the list of books I read for the challenge. Hopeful next year’s will be better.


Gratitude Challenge: write down three things you are grateful for every day. (Completed! 😀 ) Though I’m pretty sure I’ve repeated a few . . . But still surprised I completed it and kept it up for the whole year.


New Goals of 2018

  • New Reading Challenge from Pop Sugar. This year has made me realize how little I have been reading. I am very much hoping to change that next year.
  • Find and work with an editor for The Heir, the Prince, and the Traitor. If you have any recommendations, please recommend them to me! Note: I am on a budget.
  • Work with a cover designer. Found one and I think he could do an amazing job.
  • Get The Heir, the Prince, and the Traitor self-published or at least on the road. I guess this is also me officially announcing that I will be going down the self-publishing route. I know it will be a lot of work, time, and money but at least I’m the one driving the car.
  • Finish community college. Just one quarter left. Woohoo!!
  • Revise and edit Book 2 (The Throne of Carnet). More editing? Really? 😥
  • Plan out Book 3. Honestly, it kind of feels likes this series of mine is turning into a trilogy. I’m hoping not, but we’ll see . . .
  • Continue Twitter presence and join more #hashtag games. I love the writing community on Twitter! You guys rock!
  • Gain 100 Blog Followers. Or more . . .
  • Comment more on other blogs because I am ashamed to say I am more of a “liker” than a “commenter” (and yes that is a word, according to my personal dictionary). I’m sorry! Sometimes all I have time for is to read the title of a blog post and click like. But I swear that next year, I will make time in my day to sit down and read your lovely posts.
  • If at all possible (because I might be a bit busy) participate in NaNo again. And definitely Camp NaNo as well!


What are your goals for the new year? Tell me all about them! How are your WIP’s coming along?

I hope you all have a Happy New Year!

8 thoughts on “End of the Year ~ Goals of 2018

  1. Wow Hope, nicely done. Interesting that the notification of this post popped up while I was investigating my 2018 goals and reviewing my 2017 goals! You gave me some things to think about that I appreciate. Great job and thanks!

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