The Land

A while back I posted a somewhat “short” summary of the kingdoms on my world Coran. I thought that summary would give you a general idea of what this world in my head is like, but I want to go deeper. This world is 8 or 9 years in the making. There’s so much of it I want to share and I can’t put all of it in the series. So, this time I will be looking at the other beauties Coran has to offer. Enjoy! 😀



Bodies of Water

Coran is surrounded by two large bodies of water, the Wailing Sea and the Gloating Sea.

The Wailing Sea is to the east and it gets its name from the hazardous, noisy winds that tear across the water and over the shores. Not many choose to live on the edge of the eastern coast for that reason. Homes would practically be blown away, any crops planted are over watered, and it just isn’t a very pleasant place to live or retire. Not many venture out on the sea. Ships go missing without a trace, wreckage is washed up upon the shores, and over the centuries, people have come to believe that there is something out there that is causing the wind to behave so wildly. Sea monsters? Some sort of spiritual being? No one knows because no one has lived to tell the tale.


The Gloating Sea gets it name from the luck it brings. The sea is filled with aquatic animals, which is one of the trades of Dolvar. Ships enter and leave the Palace Bay all throughout the cycle and the majority of them return with full rewards and often gloat at other sailors of the prizes or quantity of life they harvested or killed. The sea is calm during the First Harvest and throughout the rest of the cycle, but once the First Bloom comes around, it becomes a bit edgy and can’t seem to sit still any longer. But not many ships are lost to it.


The Klash Channel is directly south at the tip of the continent. It is the medium between the continent and the island known as Dragon Island. The channel is dangerous to cross. A normal sized ship cannot pass over to the island because the channel is filled with tall, sharp rocks and the seabed is low. Scholars have often wondered if the channel had actually been a part of the land at one point, a southern mountain range that was eaten away by time and the water. Even the citizens of Alder are warned never to venture over the channel.1The Palace Bay is located at the northwest tip of Dolvar. The main city of Ballord occupies the area around the bay. Ships come and go, and goods are transported directly onto the Ferros and Corslen River. The bay has a bit of trouble staying calm, especially when the winds of the north pass through.


Goddess Bay is located north of the Snowpack Mountains. The bay is between the mainland and a large island to the north. When the sun hits the bay just right, the waters shine and turn white. The atmosphere is tranquil and quiet. Sometimes people travel to the bay to bask in the sun and water, believing that they are receiving the Goddess Chora’s blessing and cleansing their soul of all their wrongdoing.



Coran contains six major rivers: Amethyst, Corslen, Eloise, Ferros, Glass, Morigan, and the Wetlands. None cut directly across the continent from one side to the other. The rivers are mainly used for trade. Caravans send off provisions and supplies to the folk in the woods and also upriver to the main cities. Generations of families may find themselves spending their entire life along one of the rivers, rowing either up or down every cycle for the trade.

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Lake Stellar is a quiet, secluded lake found at the southern end of the Hallowing Woods. It is surrounded by birch trees and gives a nice view of Chora’s Chain. The lake is often still and is the source of water for the creatures living in the woods. For anyone who wishes to avoid their duties and responsibilities, this is a perfect place to escape one’s reality for some peace and quiet.


Celestial Pool is another lake found in the Hallowing woods, just south of the village of Cloves in the northern end. A small island occupies the center and is often the meeting place for the Gifted.



Red Lake is located in the north as well, but in the kingdom of Dolvar, just east of Ballord. The lake breaks off from the Corslen River and is the location where fishermen come to mend their boats or transport goods to be taken to the villages in Frostlight.

Red Lake


The Hallowing Woods is the largest and most abundant wood in all of Coran. The wood is home to several small creatures, the yelk, warlens, hornets, people, and sometimes the occasional wyrm that gets lost from its pack. The wood is looked after by the citizens and rulers of Zelyndra. Their main trade, aside from clothing materials, is wood. When a tree needs to be cut down, another is planted in its place. Wealthy nobles and rulers have had estates built deep in the wood, as a place to escape from their lives and responsibilities. The Zelyndrians take proud of their home and if their home is threatened by man or nature, they will fight for its protection till the end.

The Misty Woodland is the second largest wood, but as centuries have passed, the wood has slowly begun to dwindle. The Dolvarians do not take care of the wood when harvesting timber. The wood is sometimes home to the yelk and the hornets, and several small creatures, as well as many of the magic folk known as the Gifted.


The Snowpack Mountains are a chain of mountains that run in the north and occupy the majority of the kingdom of Frostlight. The mountains are home to many of the citizens where they mostly work to mine the rocks and crystals beneath the surface. The dragons also live in these mountains at the eastern end, where the tallest mountain in Coran, the King’s Peak, is located.

Chora’s Chain runs along the east end of the continent. Many believe the mountains were created to block the sea from pouring into the land. Chains are meant to secure, to never break, to hold something back or to hold something from breaking free, which is why these mountains are called Chora’s Chain. 

choras chain2choras chain1


Dragon Island is a second home to the dragons, who mostly live up in the north. The island is used as a breeding ground for the dragons who migrated south every few cycles. Not many of the two-legged pests (humans) venture out to the island, except for the “brave” ones who wish to win a bet or prove that they are mighty. The island is all rock, and as the scholars who believed the Klash Channel was once a mountain range, Dragon Island might’ve been apart of it.

dragon island


The Flatlands is a plain in the north between the Snowpack Mountains and the city of Carnet. The land is bare and desolate. No one lives on this plain for a reason. There is no good source of water, there is no good source of food (even the creatures of the world choose not to live here), there is no shelter, and the soil is poor for wanting to plant anything to eat. All-in-all, not a place anyone will settle down in.

Morn Plain is located throughout the kingdom of Kineallen. The land is bare with very few trees and it almost desert-like, but there is some vegetation. Some believe that the lack of trees or how rough and hard the ground is is do to how often caravans, traders, and travelers have traveled across the land. As for the name, it is well deserving. The Morn Plain is sandwiched between two woods. The transition from green and beautiful trees to a plain of land that is so bare and empty is quite sad and jarring.

Morn Plain


The Stone Desert is the barrier between Alder and the rest of the kingdoms. The desert is extremely hot, the sand is smooth, and rocks and hills are scattered throughout. In Alder, crossing the Stone Desert alone and living earns you a dinner or reward from the king and recognition for your bravado and strength.

Stone Desert1


Well, that’s it! What did you think of this extraordinarily long post? Any particular place you’d like to visit if this place really existed? I’d honestly want to see all of it but I’m a bit biased:)

Disclaimer: Photos are taken from Google and Pinterest
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6 thoughts on “The Land

  1. Wow! It seems like you have made a most wonderful world here. And 9 years you said you’ve been working on it? Amazing! This is absolutely beautiful and intriguing. This is a book i would love to get my hands on. Have you already begun to write the book?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hope

      Aw thank you, Larissa! I have. The first book is in its 7th or 8th draft and currently out with another round of betas. If I get good feedback from them all, I’m going to try to find an editor and then maybe get it self-published sometime next year *crossing fingers*


    1. Hope

      Sounds lovely! I’ll be doing a post on the creatures, but they mostly live in the Hallowing Woods, but the wyrms sort of see them as their food source, so when the unicorns numbers dwindle, they all run over to the Misty Woodland.

      Liked by 1 person

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