NaNo Finished ~ November Update


So I finished my first NaNo on Sunday!



Reached the middle mark in book 2, and I am currently taking a break because that’s a lot of words for me to write. I will get back to it once I have finished editing book 1, which I will then send back to beta’s and CP. I did not celebrate because . . . well . . . I got the flu over Thanksgiving Break 😦 Though, I guess I did celebrate in a sense. I took a nap after I had finished, but once I am back to 100% I will treat myself to a lime milkshake.

Special shout out to the marvelous, the wonderful, and lovely KT DaxonΒ for her writing sprint sessions on Twitter. I probably would not have finished my goal without her.Β #KTWriterSprintsEvent I would highly suggest checking out her blog or following her on Twitter:Β @TheKTDaxonΒ <————–

Let’s see, what else has happened in my life this month . . . I started an Instagram account for this blog but decided to disable it because RL people where following it and I am not ready for them to know about my “secret” writing life. So, that was a bit of a bummer.

Editing is bad. It is tedious. It is torture. It is horrible. Boooo! And that is all I have to say on how editing book 1 is going πŸ˜€

To conclude this somewhat short post, super glad I did NaNoWriMo and I hope to do it in the future. Who knew deadlines were so much fun!


My NaNo-er’s, did you make it?!!!!! I want to see those final word counts!!! Whether or not you finished, I am so proud of you πŸ˜€ As for my Non-NaNo-er’s, how are your WIP’s coming along? How’s your November been? What are your goals for December? I want to hear all about it!


10 thoughts on “NaNo Finished ~ November Update

  1. Hello Hope!
    Congrats on finishing Nanowrimo! That’s a big accomplishment! I love Nanowrimo but couldn’t participate because I was on a family trip for half of the month, but it’s always nice to read about how other writers’ novels are going πŸ™‚
    I feel the same way about instagram (and other social media where I have people from real life following me)- I tried bookstagramming for a while, but people I knew would ask me, “Sophie did you REALLY read that many books?!” I couldn’t even imagine posting about my writing there haha :’) Have you thought about making a private instagram account? That is what I am considering haha…

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    1. Thanks, Sophie! I hope you had fun on your trip, though sad you couldn’t participate.

      After I noticed RL people following I switched to private, but then there were still those RL people who were following. I wish there was a way where you could sort of “kick them out” so to speak. Or maybe I could delete the account and open a new one and just start that one out as private.

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      1. Thank you Hope!
        Yes that sounds like a good idea. I’ve been thinking about opening a new account just for bookstagramming and posting writing updates, and not adding any of the RL people. personally I don’t mind if people that I don’t know in RL follow me and read my updates haha :’) Similar to blogging I suppose!

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      1. I wrote maybe 10k new words? Maybe? I only made one entry on the NaNo word count and then stopped keeping track. πŸ™‚ I am liking my new job! I’m a bank teller. There’s lots to learn, but I’m slowly learning it.

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