Beautiful Books ~ NaNoWriMo Novel P2


Good morning, afternoon, and/or evening peeps! Cait and Sky have returned with yet another edition of Beautiful Books (a blog meme where writers can answer questions about their WIP’s, character, and themselves). This edition is part two of last month’s, all about NaNoWriMo. If you missed out on my part one, no worries! Here is the link to it -> Beautiful Books ~ NaNoWriMo Novel.

Even if you aren’t participating in NaNoWriMo, you can still take the questions and answer them for your own WIP’s! Now, let’s get right to it!


Overall, how is your mental state, and how is your novel going?

I’m doing good actually. It’s a lot less stressful than I imagined, though I might regret that statement later on. The novel is doing splendidly. There were a couple of days were I didn’t want to write, but so far my average word count per/day is around 2000 words. So, pretty much good overall 😀


What’s your first sentence (or paragraph)?

My first sentence/paragraph is actually a text message between Matthew and Alaine. Enjoy:)

  • Matty: So what happened?
  • Lainy: You do realize you’re supposed to put a comma after the “So” right?
  • Matty: Stop avoiding the question. Come on, Indie. Did you save everyone?
  • Lainy: Yes.
  • Matty: Woohoooooooooooo!!!!
  • Lainy: I’m not really in a celebrating mood right now.
  • Matty: Aw, why?
  • Lainy: Mom was really ticked off when I left. I tried to talk to them this morning, but she was still upset. Dad was disappointed in me but then he pulled me to the side and said how proud he was of me, despite throwing myself into danger.
  • Matty: Aw.
  • Lainy: Yeah
  • Matty: So, now what?
  • Lainy: Now? I get to take queen lessons for a crown I don’t even want and I feel like I’m being forced to. It’s so complicated.
  • Matty: You don’t have to do it.
  • Lainy: I know. I want to at least see what it’s like. Maybe give it a week. But there’s a small problem.
  • Matty: The time difference?
  • Lainy: Yeah. I don’t know what to do about that. Pretty sure Mom’s head would blow off if I was gone for another week.
  • Matty: Yeah. Would definitely not want to see that. I’ll see if I can go with my dad up to the lake for the weekend.
  • Lainy: You are such a great friend.
  • Matty: I know 🙂
  • Lainy: I should probably go talk to her again. The boys aren’t up yet and dad’s at work, but she’ll be leaving soon and I don’t want to spend all day here doing nothing.
  • Matty: Okay. Good luck.
  • Lainy: Thanks.

Who’s your current favorite character in your novel?

Hmm . . . Right now, I’m writing in Alaine’s POV and she’s meeting new people, but she hasn’t really reacted with the characters that much. But Mikael is my favorite character and still is 🙂

What do you love about your novel so far?

I love that it’s finally being written! I’ve struggled with the beginning (mostly Book 1’s fault), so it’s nice to be able to write through it and move closer to the middle and end.

Have you made any hilarious typos or other mistakes?

I’m sure I have but I refuse to look back or I’ll start editing and I need to move forward!


What is your favourite to write: beginning, middle, or end — and why?

I love writing the beginning, setting the stage, dropping hints on what may happen in the rest of the story, introducing characters. I love how my characters sometimes start out innocent and sweet and not broken, but by the end everything has changed and they are no longer who they once were, and they look back at the beginning and reminisce on how they once were. The beginning is the sunrise, the start of a new day.

What are your writing habits? Is there a specific snack you eat? Do you listen to music? What time of day do you write best? Feel free to show us a picture of your writing space!

I get distracted when there’s food, so no writing-eating related habits. I do listen to music but most of the time is doesn’t follow along with what I’m writing so I keep the volume low. I can write pretty much any time of the day I have free time, but I think nights are my best writing time because everyone is asleep and there are less distractions.


My workspace. Yes, I know it’s messy and yes, my chair is missing a back.


How private are you about your novel while you’re writing? Do you need a cheer squad or do you work alone (like, ahem, Batman)?

I tell Twitter and blog peeps about my novel but not RL people. Only by S.O. knows about my writing life and I give him updates every now and then. I can’t bring myself to tell my family yet until there is a physical book that I can give them. But I typically prefer to work alone.


What keeps you writing even when it’s hard?

Lately, writing sprints. There’s this lovely writer (KT Daxon) on twitter who does writing sprints, every now and then, called #KTWritingSprintsEvent. I was recently in a scene that was dragging a bit and Daxon tweeted about a sprint she was having that day, so I joined along and charged through that scene. After each sprint, we report on how many words we wrote and sometimes our favorite line. It’s been helping me a lot! (Thanks, KT!!!)

What are your top 3 pieces of writing advice?

Depends. For a first draft?

  1. Don’t look back.
  2. Keep your head forward.
  3. Charge through the mud.

In general?

  1. Don’t change your writing to please others.
  2. Read to refill your creative tank.
  3. Sometimes you gotta leave your baby alone for a while, and that’s a good thing, so you don’t grow tired of it and place it in a pile where it will be forgotten.


That concludes this month’s edition. As always, I look forward to the next 😀 How’s your writing going NaNo and Non-NaNo peeps? What’s your current word count? Do you think you’ll make it? If you need encouragement and/or a slice of cake with a side of ice cream, just say!

13 thoughts on “Beautiful Books ~ NaNoWriMo Novel P2

  1. Hello Hope!
    I am always happy to read about other writers’ habits. I am also private about my writing in real life- so far only my closest friends, my family and my fiancé knows. Still it is a challenge to show these people my writing. I just sent a draft of my manuscript to a few of my friends and I am terrified to hear what they think :’)
    Glad to hear that nanowrimo is going well! All the best 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Writing sprints are awesome aren’t they? like you, I find them particularly motivating when I’m stuck in a scene that just seems really boring and I don’t want to finish. You sound like you’re doing really well! Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. HI, Hope! Thank you for following my blog!!
    I enjoyed reading your responses to the questions. It’s nice to see how others are doing with their WIP. Mine’s been on the back burner for a couple of years now, I need to pull it out, dust it off and plunge ahead. The writing sprints sound like a good idea, and maybe a way to motivate me to do that!

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