They Both Die at the End

2017 Reading Challenge: a book where the main character is a different ethnicity than you.



Title: They Both Die at the End

Author: Adam Silvera

Genre: Young Adult Fiction


Happy Sunday and sorry about the lack of weekly posts. School and writing have taken over my life presently and with doing NaNo for the first time, it’s hard to pull away from my WIP. But by the start of next month, I will have updates and more content to post. Now, on with the review!

Of course the title is what grabbed me. I mean come on, when do you ever see a title that spoils the end of the book? If you do, please share which books because I would love to read them.

I will say this with every review: this is my opinion out of dozens or even hundreds.


It is the 21st century and apparently in this world of ours, we have found a way to know when a person dies. A corporation (or company) known as Death-Cast alerts individuals at the start of the new day to inform them that they are to die within the next 24hrs and to “Live this day to the fullest.” Young adults Mateo Torrez and Rufus Emeterio both recieve an alert. Now, these boys are complete strangers but they meet for the first time using an app known as Last Friend and spend their End Day together, until they die (Spoilers! Oh, wait, it was in the title!)


I don’t know . . . I honeslty don’t think I would want to live in a world that was like this one. I’m sorry, but I think I would prefer death being a surprise rather than knowing I had one day to live till I died “unexpectedly.” I’m just one of those types of people who panic a bit when given a time limit and I freak out and freeze up and if this did happen, I’d probably lock myself away and at least attempt to cheat death.

But the book! Because of the lovely title spoiler, I told myself not to get attached to these two dudes, but sadly, I gave in. There were moments I thought I was going to lose them and I clutched the book to the point where I realized, “Wait, they can’t possibly die here. I’m not even halfway through! Hahaha . . .” But when the event ultimately arrived I did indeed tear up.

What I Liked

  • The title! It hooked me on the corner of my mouth and reeled me in!
  • The story is in multiple POV’s and as you know (if you’ve read my other reviews) I love different POV stories! Two thumbs up 😀
  • The characters themselves and how Silvera was able to build a relationship between two strangers with less than 24 books hours to work with. I mean I struggle with building friendships with my characters sometimes and they know each other for months. I guess with death hanging over their shoulder, they were somewhat forced to move things at a quicker pace.
  • The side characters and how they crossed paths with the main boys. Every POV in this story played a part. They all drew together at some point throughout, so there weren’t any plot holes that forgot to be filled (if I recall correctly – it’s been a long weekend).

What I Disliked

  • The story. Before you start thinking that I’m going to give this a one star or maybe no star at all, let me explain myself. The story was good but I just didn’t like the story. Make sense? No? Okay . . . I’ll refer back to my whole “I wouldn’t want to live in a life like this.” It’s just horrible. Okay, going to pass on a piece of the story that may be a spoiler? I don’t know, it’s just a little backstory from Rufus. He had two parents and a sister and they all received the call on the same day but Rufus didn’t. I just . . . I would never want to pick up the phone and have someone tell me “Hello, I’m calling from Death-Cast. I regret to inform you that sometime in the next twenty-four hours you’ll be meeting an untimely death. On behalf of everyone here at Death-Cast, we are so sorry to lose you.” And then that person asks to speak with someone in my family. I just . . . no. Never.
  • There was one spelling mistake. One. . . . I’m somewhat picky about grammar mistakes in books. Even one of my favorite books has a couple. Just one of my many pet peeves.
  • Okay, this is somewhat of a spoiler, so be warned. Silvera added a bit of a love relationship between Mateo and Rufus near the end. Now, I have nothing against LGBT’s. But since it was already near the end of the story, it just didn’t feel right, if that makes sense. It seemed a bit forced. Mateo and Rufus had gone from strangers to “I’m so glad I met you and we became Last Friends on our End Day,” I just wish it stayed like that till the end. But that’s just my opinion. If they realized they liked each other as more than friends maybe in Part 3, then I’d definitely support the relationship. But it just didn’t work for me near the end when I knew they were (spoiler alert) going to die. Maybe Silvera wanted the readers to feel more sympathy for the boys since they now loved each other but couldn’t spend more days with each other. I don’t know. Didn’t feel like it was needed, I was already sad that they were going to die and this new love relationship between them didn’t make it any harder for me to read till the very end.
Yay! Another book off my TBR list and I think I am officially out of my rut. Woohoo! Please tell me I am not the only one who picked this book up because of the title. If you read it, what did you think of it? How are my NaNo writers doing so far?

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