Character Profiles

Happy Sunday!!! Tis fall, the season of cold, crispy air, colors, vests, sweaters, long pants & shirts, boots, knitted hats, warm drinks, and staying inside all warm with a scented candle lit. Favorite season aside from Spring, if you haven’t already noticed.

Now, you’re probably wondering why I’m posting a new Character Page when I already have one – well technically two. Well, you see, one day I decided to update the digitally drawn pictures I had made for my characters, but they ended up turning out worse, and I came to realize that I prefer to draw on paper than digitally.

So, I shall be returning to Character Inspiration photos (from Pinterest), and I updated their profiles, so now all this current information is, well, current with my latest revision. Which by the way is finished!


Now for a break and I am going to take the editing a bit more seriously this round. Anyway, lost track. So, here are the updated character profiles and if you are interested to learn more about my wonderful, marvelous, and awesome characters, I’ve linked below some of their profiles to other posts where I’ve had them answer questions for a blog meme I follow called Beautiful People from Paper Fury.

I should also mention that I won’t be doing character interviews anymore. They just took too long, and having my character’s answer the questions for Beautiful People than having me answer for them seems to work a lot better.

Anyway, enjoy! And let me know your thoughts in the comments!















Like? Love? Loath? Hate? I’d love to hear your opinion! Over time, I will be adding more links, and I will be having more of the other characters take part in the Blog Meme. If you haven’t already checked out the new updated map, you should, I am quite proud of it, to say the least 😀 How is your current work coming along? I hope you have a fantastic rest of the day and week!

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