Unfinished Stories

Happy Sunday! I hope you all are having a marvelous day 😀

So, rather than posting a short story I wrote long ago this week, I thought I’d post excerpts of stories I never finished. Some were a page long, others a written line of just the idea, and other pages long until Writer’s block took over. I apologize in advance for my poor grammar and lack of plot knowledge. I was and am a pantser. There was never a plan for these. If an idea struck, I immediately wrote it down till I was blocked. I hope you enjoying at last one of them 🙂

The Train (Working Title) 2015

Margaret Thane is sent away to live with her Grandfather and Uncle in the English Countryside during World War II. With her, she takes a toy bear she calls Blue who she’s had since birth. Throughout her eight years of life, Blue has been her only friend. She talks to him about anything, and he talks to her. (Not sure where the story was heading from there. I was thinking there could be a mystery about the house she lives in that her grandfather and uncle keep from her, and somehow Blue and her solve the mystery.)

The train’s horn sounded. My mother clutched my hand while she dragged my suitcase through the endless sea of people. I had never seen so many people in my life: tall, short, fat, thin, and hairy. Mum then stopped and knelt down.

“Margaret,” she whispered, “now, don’t be scared.” It was hard to hear her over the loud noise of the train and people. She held both my hands. “I love you,” she started to cry, “so much. You be a good girl. Remember to listen to your grandfather and uncle. Don’t make a mess, eat your food properly, say please and thank you, and,” the tears were rolling down her cheek, “I promise as soon as this war is over, I’ll come and get you and bring you home. I love you.” She pulled me in and we sat there on the ground hugging.

The train’s horn sounded and a man in a black suit began to ring a bell. Mum dug in her pocket and pulled out a slip of paper that she then pinned to my red coat. She stood up and handed me my yellow suitcase. Another man wearing black came up to me and took my hand. Mum was still crying.

“Here we are then,” said the man. “Go on, get on the train. You wouldn’t want it to leave without you.”

I stepped onto the carriage and turned around. She was still there. She smiled. I smiled. Then she was gone, as if the wind came through and swept her away.

“Mommy?” I whispered.

“Go on, then,” said the man. “I need to shut the door.”

He nudged me in and shut the door. I slowly walked into the carriage. There were so many children, like me, and they were all hanging out the windows, waving goodbye. There was an empty seat in the front. I climbed up and placed my suitcase next to me. I opened it and retrieved the only friend I had in the whole world, Blue. Mum said that while I was still in her belly, she spent her evening making me a companion, a stuffed blue bear, with brown button eyes and a black nose. He was the first toy I ever had. When I started talking, mum told me that if she wasn’t around to listen to me, I could talk to the bear. I thought it was silly, talking to a stuffed bear when it can’t talk back, but then Blue started talking to me. I told Mum about it, but she couldn’t hear him. She thought I was being silly. I asked Blue why Mum couldn’t hear him and he told me that only I could because I was special.

I closed my suitcase and put it on the floor. Blue sat in my lap. The train began moving. The other children were finding their seats. I felt cold. My hands wouldn’t stop shaking.

“Blue,” I whispered, “I’m scared.”

He turned around and faced me. “Don’t worry,” he said in his always cheerful voice. It kind of sounded like father’s sometimes. “I’ll always be here for you. Nothing could ever separate us.”

“Have you ever seen Grandfather Joe and Uncle Arno?”

“Yeah, when you were born. They seemed like nice people. Grandfather Joe didn’t talk very much, but Uncle Arno did. He said I was very handsome.”

I smiled. “How long do you think we’ll be staying with them?”

“Not long I don’t think.”

The Three Sisters (Working Title) 2014

The life of three sisters during World War I. The story would follow each of them as they are together in the beginning, then having to split up in the middle, and finally reuniting at the end.

Winter is here and so is Christmas. I am the youngest of three sisters. My name is Elizabeth, but my sisters usually call me Beth. I am seventeen and I will be turning eighteen in just three months. I’m counting the days! My oldest sister’s name is Annamarie, but everyone just calls her Anna, and my second oldest sister’s name is Katheryn and we just all call her Kathy. Anna is twenty-two and Kathy is twenty. Both are taking this adulthood thing too seriously. When they were younger we all used to have so much fun together. We would play games and run around. Now, Anna thinks it is unladylike to run around and act like children. She started being bossy and grownup when she turned eighteen and of course Kathy followed her, she always does! When I turn eighteen I’m not going to act grownup. I’ll grow up when I feel like it!

As I said before it is Christmas and Papa’s letter comes today! Papa’s been fighting in the war. Apparently it’s like the second biggest war ever, in the whole world! Mama and my sisters are always so worried when he sends us letters. I don’t see what the big deal is. It doesn’t sound that bad. I don’t know why everyone is making a big deal about. Everyone has disagreements, everyone has arguments, and so why do they need to kill each other? Can’t they just make a truce? That’s what my friends and I do when we fight. Anna says I just don’t understand in her grownup tone of voice which never fails to make me gag. Papa sent us a letter today wishing us all a Merry Christmas and hoping that we are all well and happy. Mama always cries when she reads one of Dad’s letters.

No Title (An Idea Spark)

No idea.

The screaming could be heard for miles. Buildings fell like dominoes. The fire danced. There was no hope. Guns were fired. Women and children fell; their souls being taken by death. No hope. Until, out of the darkness came the Soldiers. They fought back and they fought hard.

The Red-Headed Boy (Working Title) 2014

I think I was planning on killing off the mother or father in probably a car accident. Anna is really sad about the affair. She and her family move. Next to their new house is a really old mansion and an ivy fence divides the property. One day, a red-headed boy climbs over the fence and he’s injured and he can’t speak (Never learned or wanted to). Anna helps him and slowly uncovers his past life in the mansion.

It was a snowy Christmas morning. Eleven-year-old Anna jumped out of bed. She ran over to a baby crib, reached in, and wiggled her four-year-old brother awake.

“Wake up, Danny! It’s Christmas!” she shouted. Danny sat up and rubbed his eyes with his fists. “Come on; let’s see if Santa left us anything!” Anna reached in, grabbed Danny by the waist, and pulled him out. Just before he left the crib, he grabbed his yellow, stuffed bear. Anna set him on the ground and grabbed his hand. “Let’s go wake Mom and Dad!” Danny nodded with half-closed eyes. Anna could see that he was trying to wake up. Last night they stayed up late looking for Santa Clause. Anna picked her little brother up and carried him to their parent’s room. Danny nuzzled his head around her neck and put his arms around her, with his teddy bear hanging out of his hand. When they got to their parents room, no one was there. The bed was made and their slippers and robes were gone.

“Mom?” Anna called. “Dad?” Anna then searched all the rooms up stairs, but they were all empty. As Anna and Danny passed the stair case, a glorious smell blew by their noses. Danny woke up immediately! He wiggled his way out of Anna’s arms and started going down the stairs. Anna followed.

When they reached the bottom, they went into the living room. Anna’s mouth dropped open and Danny dropped his teddy bear. There right in front of their eyes was the jolly red man himself! He was trying to fit his bag up the fireplace.

“Santa?” Anna whispered.

The man turned around revealing a snow white beard, round cheeks, and a very large belly. He smiled and laughed. “Ho, ho, ho! Well, is it that time already? You two were my last stop. I must go! The reindeer need to get back to the shop. They have had a very long night.” He laughed again. “Mind if I use the front door?” He went right passed them, with his large empty bag over his shoulders, and left through the front door. Danny ran to the front window. Anna went to the Christmas tree.

“Anna! That was him! It was him! We saw Santa! No one at school is going to believe us!” Danny said with his nose against the glass.

Anna bent down and looked at the beautiful presents laid out perfectly around the tree. All were different sizes, shapes, and colors. Anna picked up a present. “Look, this one is for you.”

Danny ran over to her. “Let me see!” Anna gave him the gift. Danny sat down and ripped it open. “Wow! Look, Anna! It’s the plane I’ve always wanted!” Danny took it out of the box and stood up. He then began running around making engine noises. Anna bent down again and looked for a present for her, but most of them were for Danny or for Mom and Dad. She started to think that maybe she hadn’t been good this year and that Santa didn’t give her anything, because she was on his naughty list. Anna sat by the fireplace, pulled her knees up to her chest, and started to cry. Danny stopped running around when he saw her crying. He looked at his plane and then at his sister. He sighed and walked over to her.

“Here,” he said holding out his new plane, “you can have it.”

Anna looked up at him with tear-filled eyes. “No thanks, Danny. That’s your present from Santa. You can’t give that away.”

“But Mom says that Christmas is about giving, and I want you to have it. Take it; I didn’t really want a plane anyway.”

Anna smile and took the plane. “Thank you, Danny. You’re so sweet.” She reached up and gave him a peck on the cheek. Danny grimaced and wiped the kiss off his cheek. Anna laughed and as she did, a pitter patter came from the hallway leading to the kitchen. Around the corning came an Australian Shepherded puppy, speckled in grey, white, yellow, orange, and black. Anna gasped.

“Merry Christmas, Anna!” said both her parents.

“A puppy! My very own puppy! Is he really mine?” Anna cried.

“Yes, she’s all yours!” said her dad.

The puppy ran up to her and started licking her face. “Oh, you’re a she, well then,” Anna picked the puppy up and held her in the air, “I shall name you Lucy, after my cat that died last year.” Both her parents laughed.

“Well, there are plenty of presents under the tree that need to be opened, and it looks like Danny has a head start,” said her mom. “Danny, go pick out another one.” Danny ran over and began opening another one.

Anna hugged Lucy. “Thank you! This is the best Christmas ever!” And it was the best Christmas ever. There were other presents for Anna, but she didn’t care about them. All she cared about was her new dog.

One Night (Working Title but I like it) 2015 – Planned on writing this in a diary entry format.

(I honestly cannot remember what I named my MC) has always been in love with Christina Greco, the most beautiful girl in all of Venice. One night, during a festival, (Unknown MC Name) finally has the chance to proclaim his love to Christina. The night doesn’t go according to plan to the point where (Unknown MC Name) finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, ending with him thrown in jail and accused of a crime he didn’t commit.

April 1445

Venice, Italy

Dear Me,

Where do I start? I know . . . with her. Christina Greco, the love of my life. After what happened last night, my mother suggested that I write all the events that transpired yesterday, for she did not want me to ever forget them. I think that even if I wasn’t writing all of this down, I still would remember everything, but she insisted. Now back to Christina Greco. Where do I even start? I suppose I should at least mention the first day we saw her. How could I ever forget that day? It was like God Himself opened the heavens and sent an angel to us. Her black hair was tossing in the air. Her brown eyes were shining like the stars themselves. Her face was . . . how do I explain? If the most famous artist were to paint her, he would never be able to capture the likeness of her face. It glowed in the light and her smile practically melted my heart. We were only ten at the time, but we both know it was love at first sight. Remember? She even looked at us, but we were such cowards then. Why did we have to hide behind mother’s skirt! We did at least get one last glimpse of her before she left and then we would not see her for three years.

We could not sleep, we could not eat, we did not want to play with the other children, we only wanted to think of her and wish that we could see her again. We did at last see her again. She was a little taller, but she was the same in every way. At least this time we plucked up the courage to say hello. And you know what? You remember! She said hello back. Oh! Her voice! It was like music on a warm summer evening by the water. And remember? She smiled again and that was the last time we ever thought we would see her, until three days ago.

Three more years has passed of utter agony. At least we had our best friend Luigi to comfort us. He thinks the whole thing is stupid and pointless, but he’s always there to comfort us. He is a good friend. I am glad that we got into that fight with him when we were five. If he had not bumped into us and not apologize, we would ever have been best friends.

Murry (Keeping the Title) 2015

The story of a dwarf named Murry who no longer wishes to live in the mountains, but wants to go out into the world, experience new cultures, meet new people, and basically do anything besides mining.

Once upon a time, there lived a small dwarf, the smallest dwarf you could ever imagine. His name was Murry. Murry lived in the center of the enchanted pine forest, which was located in the land of Allandria. Now, Allandria was a very mountainous place. Small villages scattered the area, but no one would step foot in the enchanted pine forest, because there were rumors that wolves lived in there. Now, as you might already know, dwarfs don’t usually live in forests, they mostly live in the mountains, but Murry was a special dwarf. From the moment he was born, Murry has always had a love for nature. The other dwarfs thought it odd that he would read books when he wasn’t working in the mines. What was even odder was that Murry could even read! No dwarf in his lifetime had ever learned how to read, yet Murry found a way to teach himself. The other dwarfs would tease him and laugh at him, because he was more interested in books then of jewels. They would also bully him because of his height. Sadly, Murry spent most of his years in utter despair and loneliness. He made no friends and everybody thought he was strange and silly.

Well, when Murry became of age, he left those mountains and made his way down into the valley. Ah, to be free from the filthy air, the horrible teasing, and the never ending noise of the rocks being pounded into dust. All his life he had dreamt of hearing birds sing, trees swaying, water running, and people laughing and dancing. Murry wanted to see it all, but when Murry first stepped foot in a village, the people there were giants! But to the people, Murry looked like a little child with a beard. The grownups ignored him and just tried to stay out of his way. The children would come up to him and start laughing at his funny clothes and his beard. Murry felt sad and left the village. This wasn’t at all like what he read in his books. Down, down the mountain he went. Cold, sick, and nearly starving to death, Murry trudged on and on, looking for some place he could call home.

One night, Murry was rolled up into a ball, in a corner between two large boulders. Rain was just starting to fall and the wind started howling. Murry shivered and his teeth chattered. Oh, he was so miserable! He started to question why he had ever left the mountains. “At least it was warm and I had a bed and all the food I could eat,” he thought to himself. Murry tried to rap the only clothes that were on his back around him, to try to keep warm, but it was no good. There, in the dark, he shivered and chattered.

Morning came. When Murry opened his eyes he saw a large bird flying just over his head. The bird circled around and around until it finally dropped down and landed on top of one of the boulders that was next to Murry. The bird was black and its beak was pointy and sharp and it had very long, sharp claws. Murry sniffed. He did not feel very well. He looked down at his big nose and it was all red. Murry then let out a loud AH-CHOO!!! The black bird flew up and then flew back down. “My, my,” it croaked, “what’s a small fellow like you doing here?” When Murry tried to speak, his nose was all stuffed up. “Uh…” he sniffed.

That’s all for now. Whew! I applaud you if you made it to the end. Again, I apologize for my poor writing and grammar skills. Hopefully I have improved to this day:) Were there any that peaked your interest that you think I should develop more and actually finish or attempt to write a first draft?
I hope you have a lovely week!

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