Happy Sunday! School is over and my one week part 1 of summer vacation has begun! Taking summer school, but it’s only one class – physics 😛 – but hopefully it won’t be that bad. . . hopefully.

I promised sketches and here they are! Enjoy! And, yes I know that on many the eyes could be moved down just a tad, closer to the nose, but I’m getting better, I think. Just need more practice and hopefully I’ll be drawing a little bit more this summer.

Alaine and Selah
Alaine and her baby dragon Selah
Alaine using her power
Alaine using her magical powers in her room
A few of Alaine’s attire


Stardove (she will be introduced in book 2) and Coal (Michael’s horse) and a couple dragon heads


Caledonian Crest
Caledonian Crest
Early drawings of characters
Corwall Caledonia
Corwall the main city of Caledonia – early, early drawing
Fileus Holding Alaine
Fileus holding baby Alaine
Fileus – early drawing
Michael – early drawings
Other Characters
Other character drawings
Selah – hopefully Alaine’s pet dragon later on in the series (drew this a few years ago). Her wings definitely need to be longer.
Stardove looking over an extremely early drawing of Corwall.

I’ll post some of my digital drawings later on, but personally I prefer the pencil over the computer. But what do you think? Also, what do you think about the new look of the blog? I probably should’ve mentioned on my first blog post that I’d probably be changing the look often. . . Sorry.


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