WIP Update (Goals)

Hey, everybody! How are you doing this fine first day of June? Can’t believe it’s already June! I cannot wait for fall, honestly. Summer is not my favorite time of the year for many reasons, one being the heat and me being stuck in my non-air-conditioned room the majority of the day because it’s too hot outside to do anything and I’m too lazy to do anything. But anyway, enough about the heat, I need to announce a few things concerning my WIP “The Orb of Unlimted Power.”

~ 1 ~

So, I told you I was going to write a whole new revision and I’m going to do that and hopefully get it finished by the end of August or September (crossing fingers and legs). But since writing that post about the revision, I’ve been struggling with the beginning of my story a lot. Of the beginnings my betas, critique friends, and a close friend have read, my beginnings just don’t seem to have a hook. So, I was struggling.

Me: Where should I begin the story? I want to start with this character, but what about this other character or should I start here instead and do a flashback later on? Oh, look, a new character has walked in. Hello, sir or madam, what is your role in this story? Oh, you’re a minor character who has no purpose. Run along now.

You see my problem? Right now, I can’t bring in new characters who don’t really have a purpose and I’ve been struggling with where exactly to start my story.

Anyway, I wrote out ideas about where I should start and what the beginning of it should hold (how much backstory and what not to put in), asked a couple of my awesome betas for an opinion, but I was still lost. So, after frustratingly trying to think about what I should do, I realized that I should probably take a break from my WIP because others have said that taking a break could change your perspective or give you more time to think, etc. So, I wisely decided to give myself a month away from my WIP.

The break lasted about thirty minutes. Yeah, I seriously cannot stay away from my WIP . . . I’m going to have to work on that. But I came to a new realization! I had somehow convinced myself that the way I was writing my story was the only way. I had built myself into a closed off room and it took a thirty-minute break for me to realize that I had created that closed off room and that I could completely destroy that room. If this isn’t making any sense, let me try to be more specific.

Seven or eight years ago, this world and this story came into my head. I tried to write it, but I could only write the beginning and nothing more. Then roughly two and half years ago, I changed the beginning and was able to write the story. Now, I have the middle and end, but the beginning isn’t working anymore. So, I decided to return to that original beginning I had, and honestly, everything just clicked into place. The new (or original) beginning is interesting and hopefully, it holds a good enough hook. And I’m really happy because I have always loved that original beginning so much and I’m so glad I’m returning to it.

~ 2 ~

Now, this original beginning is going to change a couple of major details. Mostly concerning family relations. One specific main character of mine is no longer going to be directly related to another main character. I’ll have to update the character posts I did, but hey! Might be a good time to update their photos as well. And you’ll probably find out sooner or later but Fileus Hartkins is no longer the biological father of Alaine Turner. Don’t worry, I’m not cutting him out of the story. He still has a role, he’s just no longer her real father.

And since I’m on the topic of characters, I will be cutting out two or three characters. Not sure if I’m ready to say who. But this is Kasey Wilks all over again. Should I write up and post a scene about me firing them like I did with Kasey? Ow, my heart . . . 😥 Oh, man, this is going to be so hard . . . I’ve got to stop thinking about this. Moving on!

~ 3 ~

As I’m writing, I’m going to try to post more about this world, mostly for you to know more about it and mostly for me because honestly, it helps me with the world-building. I’m planning on posting something about the land (like the bodies of water, forests, deserts, etc.), about the two groups of people who are fighting all the time (which I have changed as well. Just their name though. The magical people are no longer called mages. They are called the Gifted, and the ones without magic are called the Barren rather than just human or the normal humans), maybe some folktales or myths, and religious beliefs.

~ 4 ~

I actually outlined my story! Me. A pure blooded pantser has outlined. Oooouuttttlliinnneeeddd. It feels so wrong. I’ve never outlined a draft before. I mean, I have made side notes and what not for direction, but never actually taken the time to outline completely. So far I’ve written out chapter summaries, which POV the chapter is in, and any extra notes. I’ve downloaded a novel outline PDF from my favorite writing coach ever Kristen Kieffer at Well-Storied.com. I’m actually excited. But I’ll always be a pantser. I love going on the adventure with my characters 🙂


Here we go!


I believe that is all the announcements and goals I have about my WIP. This summer is definitely going to be busy, what with school and work, and trying to lighten up my TBR lists and continue to read books for the 2017 Reading Challenge. But I know I can do it. I really do.

Also, I’ve learned something important these past few weeks. I’ve known this before, but it’s never really hit me hard till now. There is no way to satisfy every reader out there. So, don’t waste your time writing your story in such a way that will please someone or a group of people or even everyone. Write it how you want it. If someone gives you a piece of advice or their opinion, you can always consider it or take it, but don’t mold your story to where you are pleasing them and not yourself. There is always going to be someone out there who isn’t going to like your story. And that’s okay. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences and perspectives. But write your story how you want it. Write it for you.

How’s your current project going? What are your current goals for your project? What are your goals for the summer? Planning on taking a vacation? Honestly, if I could, I’d probably go over to New York City. Absolutely loved it there two years ago and I miss it so much! Also, don’t forget to vote for the next pair for the next Character Interview!

6 thoughts on “WIP Update (Goals)

  1. Ohhh this is so exciting! Alaine not biologically related to Fileus anymore, hmm? That sounds so different it’s almost hard to imagine, BUT I approve! Don’t you love it when a story suddenly changes like that and becomes easier to write at the same time? 🙂 I can’t wait to read this someday!

    I don’t really have any specific goals in mind for summer…I kinda want to take it slow and not put any pressure on myself, since I’ll be starting college in the fall and thus feel that this summer is “my last.” But I do hope to do lots of revising on Lillian and/or draft a complete book or trilogy of novellas or something! We’ll see. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hope

      Yes, I do! It feels so good when everything fits into place and the writing becomes easier. Good luck with your summer and with Lillian! I still want to finish reading it:)


    1. Hope

      It’s so easy for me to write the beginning of a first draft, but after that . . . yikes! Glad you understand:) And thanks! Good luck with your novella and novel! The spy one sounds intersting. What’s it about?


  2. “There is no way to satisfy every reader out there.”

    So TRUE!!!!

    Also excited to eventually read this new old beginning. Glad you found the way to begin!

    Summer plans: Camp NaNoWri to get 25k more done on the sequel. Ongoing editing. And lots of sunshine!

    Liked by 1 person

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