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Woooo!!! Cait and Sky are back, and this month’s theme is parents in honor of Mother’s Day today! I hope you remembered to get your wonderful mom a present or at least a nice card or flower or something that shows her that you appreciated everything about her and what she’s done for you.

Now, I’m going to hand the reins over to my MC Alaine Turner and she’s going to be answering these awesome questions today for you! Enjoy!

Hello, people of the blog world who I have never met in person or seen before but my creator keeps forcing me to talk to! I’m kidding, she doesn’t force me. It’s not like she’s holding my character file in one hand and a lighter in the other, haha! . . . Uhhhh. *Clears throat* Anyway, I am very much looking forward to answering these questions and telling all you lovely strangers more about my personal life! So, I better get right to it. *cringes* My creator just lit the lighter.

Overall, how good is their relationship with their parents?

I’d say that I have a pretty good relationship with my parents. Wait, does the question refer to my biological parents or my adoptive parents? *shrugs* I’ll do both, I guess.

Well, as I said, my relationship with my adoptive parents it good. Sure I don’t agree with them sometimes and I do fight with my mom every now and then, but what daughter doesn’t fight with her mom? But when we’re not fighting, we get along pretty well 🙂 As for my dad, we’re pretty close and I love it when he takes me out for daddy-daughter time away from my brothers and we go see a movie or game or eat at a taco truck.

As for my biological parents, I’ve never met my mom. She’s sort of passed away, in a sense, a week or so after I was born. As for my biological dad, we get along. We don’t really fight unless it’s about a certain issue, which I don’t want to explain, or I’ll get mad. But yeah, we have a pretty good relationship, I guess.

Do they know both their biological parents? If not, how do they cope with this loss/absence and how has it affected their life?

Well, like I said, I’ve never met my biological mom. I kind of wish she was alive though, so I could meet her and learn more about her. As for my dad, before he decided to show himself after he had been hiding from me for so many years, I guess . . . I don’t know. I love my family, but I had always wondered where I had come from. I had always wondered “Why?” Or even worse, “What if?” I guess I always felt a piece of myself was missing or there was some sort of hole in my heart. I don’t know. But I’m very thankful that everything has been sorted out and that I get to see him and talk to him, even though the whole “Why he gave me up?” situation was somewhat unique.

How did their parents meet?

My adoptive parents met during my mom’s second year of college, I believe. Her best friend Harriet was dating this guy named Dennis, and Harriet wanted to go on a double date, so she convinced my mom to hang out with Dennis’ best friend James, who turned out to be my dad. Anyway, they apparently liked each other and enjoyed each other’s company and what not. But yeah, they met in college.

My biological parents met when they were kids. They met on my mom’s parent’s estate. My dad was seeking shelter cause he was kind of homeless at that time, and well, my mom decided to take pity on him and offered him a job even though she had no right, but she still did it, and they pretty much grew up together.

How would they feel if they were told “you’re turning out like your parent(s)”?

Which ones? Haha! I don’t know, really. I don’t know how many times I’ve been told I look like my biological mom, that I sound like her, act like her, and I’ve never even met her. It’s kind of annoying the more people tell me. But no one has ever told me that I’m turning out like my adoptive parents.

What were your character’s parents doing when they were your character’s age?

I think both my adoptive parents were finishing up high school. My mom was a very popular girl in high school . . . or was that in junior high . . . *shrugs* I can’t remember, I’ll have to ask her, but she left that life behind ’cause she didn’t like it very much. My dad, on the other hand, he would get in so much trouble in school. He loved to play pranks, especially on the teachers, and they didn’t really appreciate his humor. But he’s also left that life behind . . . sort of.

As for my biological parents . . . hmm. I’m not sure. I think they were still living on that estate, but I can’t remember when my dad left her and my mom ran away from home. And don’t think my dad left her for bad reasons. It’s just that her parents would NEVER approve of their love, in a sense, and he didn’t want her to lose her family.

Is there something they adamantly disagree on?

*cringes* I don’t know. Mom and dad don’t really fight in front of me and my brothers. And if they do have a disagreement, they always go in dad’s study. But when they’re arguing loudly, it’s usually because of dad’s book and whether or not he should trash a certain chapter or not. But with serious stuff, I’m not sure.

My mom and biological dad, on the other hand, disagree about me. My mom doesn’t like that I have magic and am going to a completely different world on my own, and my biological dad tries to reassure her that everything is all right, but my mom still doesn’t approve. I mean, now she’s trying to be supportive of this new version of myself, but I still know she doesn’t approve.

What did the parent(s) find hardest about raising your character?

Hmmmm . . . I don’t know. I know that my biological dad found it hard to spend time with me when I was a baby because he was always working, saving money, and trying to fix up the home we were going to live in. So trying to spend time with me but always having to work was hard for him.

I can’t really think of anything with my adoptive parents. I mean, I was the perfect child and all . . . ha! Kidding. But if there was something, they would probably not tell me. I mean, I’m perfect in their eyes.

What’s their most vivid memory with their parental figure(s)?

The day I was adopted. I will never forget it. I was five, I believe, and I still remember how happy my mom looked in her teal dress and how my dad couldn’t stop smiling in his blazer. I remember when we stood before the judge and attorney, my mom held me in her arms and I looked up at her and a single tear slipped out of her left eye. But it was a happy tear.

What was your character like as a baby/toddler?

My biological dad said I ate a lot and slept a lot and cried a lot.

Why and how did the parents choose your character’s name?

My biological dad actually did tell me this. It’s actually kind of sad. When I was born, my mom apparently took one look at me and named me Alaine . . . after her little sister who passed away. I think she lived for about a year and then got sick and passed away. I can’t remember. But yes, I’m named after my deceased aunt.

Thank you so much, Alaine! *discreetly puts her character file away* I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about her and her parents! I can’t wait for the next Beautiful People/Books next month.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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