How You Doin’?

11 Days left of Camp NaNo . . . Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Though I think I’ll make it. The status page says I’ll finish on the 30th so that’s good news! My target is 277 – my whole MS – and I’ve done 187 so far. I’m just going through and editing, finding the sneaky grammatical mistakes, seeing where I should add more detail, if I need to get deeper into a character’s head, etc. It’s been going okay.

I decided to read the story backwards and before you start imagining me actually reading each sentence backwards word-for-word, pull the breaks. I mean, I’m starting from the end, chapter-by-chapter, and working my way to the beginning, so that each chapter is isolated, in a sense. It seems to be working. And with each chapter I edit with a different color pen because at the beginning of the month, I just so happen to be at Target and found these lovely colored pens that I just had to have!

And because I have actually printed off my MS, I am shock at how many times I use these three words on almost every page: sat, went, were. I am literally getting tired of it! But it’s good I’m catching them because I can be more creative in how to replace the words so that they aren’t as numerous. Seriously, they’re like ants. You think you got them all, but a minute later, dozens more pop up out of nowhere.

But overall, it’s been going good. I missed 4 days of editing because life just wanted to throw more stuff at me to do. But I think I’ll make it *crosses fingers*

The only thing I do not like about this month is the lack of writing I have done. I am sad. I have barely written anything and it makes me really sad. I haven’t been working in Book 2 at all, except yesterday and a couple of weeks ago, I wrote two short scenes that I might use in them. I can’t wait till this month is over so I can finally pour through Draft 6 and fix all the mistakes I made, revise it a bit, and write a little more.

Okay, I think that’s it for a short update.

How are you doing? If you’re participating in Camp NaNo, do you think you’ll reach your goal? If you need a bit of motivation, here is a quote that will hopefully motivate you to get back to writing! And if you’re not participating in Camp NaNo, how are you doing with your current WIP?


So, get back to writing or editing!



Your Choice for Sunday’s post because I can’t decide: Review on the book Stardust by Neil Gaiman or I’ll post a eulogy I wrote in my high school English class that I did on Ellie Fredricksen from Up.


2 thoughts on “How You Doin’?

  1. Ooh, there are only eleven days left?? ….I had better put it in high gear….

    That method of going through chapters backwards sounds genius. I’ll have to try it sometime. And I’ve often heard things jump out at you after you print off a manuscript, as opposed to when you just edit on the screen. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hope

      Yes, they definitely do jump out! If you edit on your computer, try changing the format, like converting your manuscript to 2 columns rather than one. You might notice more mistakes. I’m going to try that once I’m finished with the print out.


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