WIP Update

Hey, guys! How’s it going? Not to brag, but I am very content and happy at the moment. I finished two of my finals and have my last one due this week, Mass Effect Andromeda comes out this Tuesday (YASSSSS), and AND I finally finished Draft 6 of The Orb of ‘Unlimited’ Power!


Now  . . . the fun part. Editing.


But I’m not going to think about that. . . haha . . . Actually, I am. So, next comes an intense session of editing and I am really going to break this thing apart, discover all hidden flaws, plot holes, grammatical errors, details, how many times I overuse “looked” “glared” “stood” “said” etc., and look up a bunch of editing tips, etc. But first, break time. So, in place of my writing time, I’m going to be starting book 2 or working on my map, or continuing world-building, or surfing the internet (particularly Pinterest) until the time I use for writing during the day is up!

Anything else I need to update? Went to my first Comic Con March 5th – that was pretty awesome, I’m not going to lie. And I also met Tom Felton. Yeah, that happened. And I have proof . . .


Today also marks the 345th day since I finished the first Draft of OoUP. It has been an extremely informative 345 days. I have learned to much, but I have also barely scratched the surface.

As you can see, my dog Maggie was thrilled to share this momentous moment with me 🙂 And there was a lime milkshake to make the day even more special 😀 (The 1st Draft is on the left)

Now, I want your update! Where are you with your current project? Did you do something fun this month or are going to? And Happy Late St. Patrick’s Day!!!

6 thoughts on “WIP Update

  1. Anna R.

    You met Tom Felton!!!!!!!! I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!!! *fangirl me breaks down sobbing uncontrollably for the rest of the day*

    Also, Congratulation on your WIP!! I can tell that this story has the dearest place in your heart, and I admire you for following it through to the end! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hope

      His accent was SOOOOO cute! I almost cried as I walked away!

      And thanks! 😀 I’m actually surprised I’ve stuck with it this long.


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