Kingdoms of Coran

Happy Sunday! A while back, I started writing up a post for Caledonia and about 800 words in I realized I was writing up a Wikipedia page. One word came to mind – dull. So, I decided to simplify the information and give you the basics of each kingdom on Coran.

These are places I see so clearly in my head that if I actually went there (if it was real) I would never get lost. I know every rock and tree and creature; has a life, has a spirit, has a name. Wait . . . that’s Pocahontas. Point is, this world is very dear to me. Often when I was younger, it was the place my mind would run off to during the day or night, creating adventures for these characters in my head, watching scenes in my head where my MC is flying over the land on a dragon (which will happen at some point – I will make it happen).

Coran is my baby, and after many years of keeping my baby in the dark, it’s time I let the little kid out into the light and show you all how beautiful and imperfect it is!

Yes, I updated the map:)


“Let me tell you that I love you
That I think about you all the time
Caledonia, you’re calling me, now I’m going home
But if I should become a stranger
Know that it would make me more than sad
Caledonia’s been everything I’ve ever had.”

~ Celtic Woman “Caledonia”

After hearing that song (when I was 12), I knew that was the perfect name for this place. Out of each kingdom, it’s my absolute favorite. This place has been there with me since the beginning. With each attempt I tried at writing the story, Caledonia was always the place Alaine’s adventure would officially begin.

Caledonia is a fairly large kingdom, but the main city of Corwall itself isn’t very big. The land is mostly used for farming, since Caledonia provides the rest of the kingdoms with most of the food they eat. There are four main villages, or rather towns, scattered throughout the land: Forthrow, Meiland, Tusk, and Anvil. Each is surrounded by fields, except for Anvil, which mostly contains orchards. The fields are divided and overseen by the nobles. There are two lakes: Celestial in the north, just at the end of the Hallowing Woods, and Lake Stellar, closer toward the south. The city of Corwall contains all the essential businesses needed: banks, taverns, shops, inns, blacksmith, carpenter shops, welders, food stalls, etc. The people of the city are hard workers – well, those who have jobs. The unemployed live in the slums at the northern sections of the city – they get by by begging, pick-pocketing, or digging around in the noble’s trash. As for the rest, there never is one family living together under one roof. Unless the family has built a home outside of the city, they typically share a house or apartment with another or their own extended family. Many enjoy the daily routines of their lives and in a way, the city is quite peaceful. There are disturbances every now and then that disrupt the peace, for instance pickpockets are chased in the streets, thieves fleeing from a home are caught in the night, knights hunting down mages in the middle of the day or night, but really it’s quite tranquil. The weather remains decent, as compared to other areas around Coran: cold in the winter, hot in the summer, wet in the fall, and cool in the spring. The Caledonians share the land with the hornets (unicorns) and wyrms. Hornets are highly prized if captured and killed. No one has been able to train one to ride. The creature will fight to it’s last breath. As for wyrms, they hardly disturb the two-legged beings, unless they are looking to fill up their bellies.

The kingdom is currently ruled by King Salamon with his wife Queen Lilith. They have two children, Prince Michael and Princess Mia. Once Salamon believes it is time for his son to take his place, Michael will become the next king of Caledonia.


Kineallen is known for being at the center of the world – the seat of the high king and queen. The land is not as beautiful as Caledonia – miles of bare grasslands sandwiched between two woods. There are few villages, but none are large enough in population to be noted on the map. Carnet is the main city, and it is quite a large structure with a massive wall containing the city and its citizens, but it can be quite snug. Rather than building homes out, they are built up. Overpopulation is an issue, especially when Carnet is considered neutral ground between the mages and humans since the late High King Lennon and High Queen Rose ruled there. The majority of business and trade is done in the city. Since Carnet is at the center of the world, this is the place where all traders and caravans come to do business before they head off to the rest of the kingdoms to deliver their goods. Kineallen is known for having the strongest army in all of Coran. They also have the largest prison – a tall tower, but all the cells are kept underground. The palace is a magnificent structure, made from a dark red stone, with so many secret passage ways, hidden rooms, and hidden hallways, only the servants and knights truly know their way around. Anyone wanting to live in Carnet would have to get used to the constant noise. It is only at the darkest part of the night when the city settles down to sleep and not a peep is to be heard.

The kingdom is currently ruled by the regent Anthony Bennet who is unmarried and childless. No one is sure who will take up the crown next, but whosoever does will rule the world.


This chilling kingdom resides in the Snowpack Mountains, a snow-covered mountain range stretching out from the west coast to the east in the north of Coran. The palace of Hartwood is situated one mile from the main city of Karver. The trade is rock, minerals, metals which are quite valued by the rest of the kingdoms. Working conditions are not ideal. Most of the citizens are miners, both men and women. People are expected to work from childhood till their old age or whether they are unable to work (injured, sick, etc). As for the other citizens, they run the few shops in the city. If you are a mage in this kingdom, your life expectancy is very low. If you are found out, the king sees to it that you are weakened of your magic, thrown into a cold prison, and then you are either executed or tortured to death. Either way, your death is extremely slow and painful. The king and queen do not particularly like mages, as you can see. One thing not many people outside of Frostlight know about is that the king puts on shows every so often where all the citizens and nobles are required to be there. The show takes place in a stadium made completely out of rocks known as blackhearts –  a stone that absorbs the power from the mages. During these shows, any mages in prison are brought out and tortured in any way the king wishes in front of the crowds. So, if you are a mage, you are not recommended to live in this kingdom. Aside from the humans, there are few creatures who roam the mountains: birds, small four-legged creatures, and all the way to the far east reside the dragons, who don’t particularly both anyone.

The kingdom is currently ruled by King Barnabas and his wife Queen Rosalin. They have one child who will take up the crown, Prince Sanders. Prince Sanders is betrothed to the daughter of a close noble family called the Mason’s. Their daughter Josephine and Sanders plan on marrying as soon as Josephine turns of age.


One rule: Don’t tick off an Alderite, especially one carrying a weapon. These people are very proud, easily offended, and they are also somewhat large. Anyone who is shorter than six feet is considered a weakling and are often picked on – to put it lightly. The main diet of the entire kingdom consists of some sort of ale and meat. Vegetables are not a priority, nor is fruit, but they still receive the shipments from Caledonia and just feed their animals the healthier food. Alder is the place to go if one were looking for livestock, horses, or even pets. Alderites travel throughout the lands of Coran, seeking creatures to capture for entertainment or to sell or to even eat. The king takes pride in his collection of dragon skull heads in his throne room. Dragons are hard to capture, but so are hornets, which are worth almost as much as the dragons. There are a few villages scattered throughout the kingdom: Farlend, Harling, Storwick, Cor, and Adans. The main is of Gael is not the most pleasant place to live. The streets are somewhat filthy, the people rarely bath themselves, and there’s a constant smell of ale and hide hung in the air. It would take on average one week to get used to the smell. The citizens mostly consist of the poor. Besides the rulers and nobles, the money is mostly distributed between the black market and guilds. If one wishes to survive, one must be prepared to break the law, which more or less exists.

The kingdom is currently ruled by King Aiman and his third wife Queen Lilian. They have three daughters, though the first two, Giselle and Clarice, came from his first wife, and the third, Liz, came from his second. King Aiman is found constantly pleading to the goddess Chora for a son. Though King Aiman plans to stay on the throne for as long as possible, his eldest Giselle will take up the crown next.


Woods, forests, rivers, trees, green, and cold. That’s what pretty much sums up this little kingdom. The main city of Farling resides at the northern tip of the Hallowing Woods, along the Morigon River. The people live in peace, herding their livestock, surviving the frozen winters, and taking care of their forests. Aside from hide and wool from their livestock, which are typically make for clothing, lumbar is this kingdoms main trade. But these people are very particular about their forests. They see to it that trees are planted when others are cut down. Zelyndra is home to four small villages: Stence, Whells, Cloves, and Moor. Many of the rulers and nobles have private estates built deep in the forests to escape their responsibilities for a while and to recharge and enjoy the peace of these lands. As for the citizens, they are hard workers and many don’t normally leave home in search of work or a new place to live. Families build generations on these lands and will continue to build. Every child is told never to venture far north, for once the green ends, they come to the end of the Snowpack Mountains and enter the Dragon Territory. They are also never to travel too deep into the Hallowing Woods, for they may come across Warlens, which are great bears with scales rather than fur with sharp teeth that would have no problem biting off one of your limbs. The Dragon Territory surrounds the highest peak in Coran – The King’s Peak, named so after the very first king, who happened to rule Zelyndra. This kingdom also supports equality and welcomes mages with open arms or anyone who is not considered “normal” by society’s standards. Yes, this kingdom is practically seen as almost perfect. There is hardly any crime. Their army is the smallest in the whole world, and everyone is treated fairly and justly.

The kingdom is currently ruled by King Baldwin and his wife Queen Leanne. They have two sons, Prince Nigel and Prince Noa. Many have wondered why this kingdom was so supportive of mages, until a rumor spread that Prince Noa possess who own magic.


Be prepared to live with the smell of the sea and of fish for the rest of your life and to never feel completely dry ever again. The main city of Ballord is situated off the northwest coast of the kingdom. Their main trade is of course sea food, but Ballord is one of the best and most recommended places to have weapons and armor made. Their craftsmen are the most highly skilled workers and their products are of top level. Many kingdoms see to it that their soldiers are fitted with armor and weapons made from Dolvar. This is also the city where many people invent machinery or objects to help in one’s daily life. Though, the people are somewhat reluctant to share their ideas or works with the neighboring kingdoms. One would have to visit Ballord to see that they were more advanced than the other kingdoms combined. There are three villages and two towns: Rime, Groves, Amstern, Sterling, and Burch. Dolvar holds the Misty Woodlands, just to the south, in it’s boarders, though because of improper care, the beautiful woodland it slowly dwindling throughout the cycles.

The kingdom is currently ruled by King Edon and his wife Queen Silvia. They have son, Prince Nayson, who will take up the throne once King Edon is dead.

Whew! Took a little longer to get this finished than I had intended, but it is finally completed! What do you think? Does anyone else struggle with finding adequate photos to represent their cities, towns, or homes – I do? Do you have a favorite kingdom or particular one you’d like to “visit”? Besides Caledonia, I’d loved to go to Zelyndra, not only to see the dragons, but . . . yeah, I’m only going there for the dragons:)

8 thoughts on “Kingdoms of Coran

  1. Oh, wow, that was really awesome to read! At first I was like, “Why does Caledonia sound so familiar?” Then I realized there is a place called New Caledonia. XD Dolvar is the most intriguing to me, especially with those amazing pictures. How di you find all of them??? 😛

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    1. Hope

      Thanks:) And I know! Hopefully it’s okay for me to use the name. I’ve used it for so many years, just thinking about having to change it would just break my heart. Maybe I could change a couple of the letters, but I love the way it’s spelled. And I found Dolvar’s pictures searching knee-deep in Pinterest. They were not easy to locate:P

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      1. Hope

        Ha, yes! Get Pinterest! I was reluctant as first because all I saw were wedding photos, recipes, and garden tips, but once you get past that, you get to the fun side of Pinterest with geeky/nerdy stuff, tons of fantasy photos or futuristic!


  2. Anna R.

    Oh My Gosh!! I am dying over here! This is an INCREDIBLE post!! I love all of your countries, but Zelyandra the absolute best!!! You inspire me with your amazing world building, Hope!!

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