2017 Reading Challenge: The first book in a series you haven’t read before.



Title: Eragon

Author: Christopher Paolini

Genre: Fantasy


I love dragons. I have a collection of little dragon figurines and the one thing that would just make my medieval/modern/dragon infested room perfect is a dragon head wall mount. But first I need to find space on my walls. I guess I could move some posters . . . anyway, what were we talking about? Oh, right! Eragon by Christopher Paolini.

Fair warning, this is not really an angry review. It might be a bit of a rant, though. And remember, this is just my opinion – one opinion out of thousands. And if you haven’t read this book, there may be spoilers in the review.


Young Eragon is on a hunting trip when literally BAM! a sapphire stone appears out of nowhere. He takes the stone home because he might be able to sell it for food or money. But no one wants the stone, so Eragon keeps it in his room, until one night, the supposed stone cracks open. A tiny baby dragon comes out and Eragon is officially in the Rider club! But misfortune falls upon Eragon when these Ra’zac peeps show up looking for the dragon to take it back to the evil king and (spoiler alert) murder Eragon’s uncle and burn his home down. Eragon, with the help of this old guy named Brom, set out to take revenge on the Ra’zac. They travel around, Eragon trains with Brom, and they ultimately find the Ra’zac, but things don’t go well. Eragon finds himself thrown into the Empire and the Varden problems and faces many decisions he must make that could have an affect on him and his dragon Saphira.


Yes, the book was released in 2002. Yes, it’s taken me forever to read it, but hey, I didn’t read the Harry Potter series until the end of my senior year.

Anyway, magic, adventure, flying, fighting, elves, dwarfs, orc-type creatures (Urgals, I believe), and DRAGONS! It was okay. I don’t know, there was just something about it that just didn’t grab me. I kept reading and reading and reading, but I was never invested. I was never pulled into the story. Well, there were a couple of spots – a few of the action scenes and the final battle at the end – but for the majority of the story, I just wasn’t into it.

Maybe it could’ve been better for me if I hadn’t watched the movie (twice) before finally reading the book. Please don’t hurt me. For the record, when I first saw the movie, I didn’t realize it was from a book until halfway through – the pace of the movie was just too fast. Loved the dragon, though!

Maybe it’s because I read it at somewhat of a late time in my life – though I’m not that old – but I’ve read so many books that fall into this category. Every lesson that Brom was teaching Eragon, I had already read or heard before. So, maybe I should’ve read it when I was fifteen or sixteen or younger.

But one of the problems I had with the book was the traveling and training. There’s so much! I was begging a friend of mine to tell me when it was going to get good! 290 pages in, I was asking again, but no.

The world. I salute Mr. Paolini on his world-building. I have definitely taken mental notes. I don’t remember there ever being any info dumps, though the large paragraphs Brom would tell to Eragon about the Riders or the dragons felt a little like an info dump. There was a lot of explaining through dialogue.

Saphira. There was one line of dialogue between Eragon and Saphira I liked. The rest, . . . Well, I like how she and I agree on one thing; Eragon is an idiot who gets himself into trouble. Honestly, I think Saphira and I would be great friends. I like how she takes control as she grows older, expresses how she feels and cares about Eragon’s well-being.

Needless to say, I was so thankful to finally be done with this book. I’ll probably read the rest of the series, but in the far, far, far, far future.

5 thoughts on “Eragon

    1. Hope

      I have Eldest, and I guess it’s a good thing I’m doing this reading challenge this year, because I must read a book with a red spine at some point.


  1. Fair points, I enjoyed Eragon but I first read it at a much younger age. To be honest, the series does come to life as Christopher Paolini’s writing style matures. Also, Dragon’s are awesome.

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