The First of Many

Been revising quite a bit this week. And I know it’s not Sunday and I already posted an excerpt/short story, but I wanted to share this with you! This is one of my favorite scenes between these two creatures. The song I’m always playing for this scene is “I giorni: Andante” by Ludovico Einaudi, played by Daniel Hope. They don’t really have pianos in Coran, so if you choose to listen to the song while you read this, try to focus on the violin:)

Scene taken from The Orb of ‘Unlimited’ Power

Set up: Alaine Turner returns to Coran after saving it from almost being totally destroyed by wyrms, but this time she’s here to find her father Fileus Hartkins, who has been keeping his distance quite a while, but for a good reason! Alaine decides to go visit Prince Michael up at the castle of Corwall. She takes part in a birthday ball for Michael’s little sister Mia. Throughout the entire ball, Michael has danced with nearly every young girl who had attended the party. I say nearly because there is one left he saved the last dance for.

The party came to a close. The crowd dispersed, heading either upstairs, or outside to their carriage. Lilith and Salamon also went upstairs with Mia. I remained in the ballroom, debating whether or not to go back home and come back another time.

Two doors opened at opposite ends of the room and a stream of servants came in. They began to pack up the leftover food, move the tables, and take down any festive decorations hanging about. The musicians began to pack up, but Michael ran over to them. They smiled and nodded, agreeing with whatever Michael telling them, and then he ran over to me.

“Alaine Turner, I have not yet had the pleasure of dancing with you this evening.” He bowed and held out his hand. “Would you do me the honor and dance this last song with me?”

A chill completely fueled by fear ran up my spine, while my cheeks decided they wanted to warm up and turned an entirely different color, one I didn’t particularly like. “I . . . well . . .” Excuse, excuse, excuse, I needed an excuse! “I’ve never really danced before.” Except in my room, alone, when no one was watching, but it wasn’t ballroom dancing.

Michael seemed to be enjoying my discomfort. “It’s okay. There’s nothing to be afraid of. And I can teach you. And the best part is that if you embarrass yourself, there’s no one here to witness it.”

No one here to witness it? “There are servants everywhere!” I whispered sharply.

“Just ignore them. I do. And I’ve been bowing far too long and my back is starting to complain, so what is your answer?”

Oh, this was going to be so embarrassing. I rolled my eyes. “Fine. Yes. I will.” I took his hand and he led me to the middle of the floor. “I’m going to be really bad at this.”

“No, you won’t.” He nodded his head toward the musicians. One of them took up his violin, or at least that’s what it looked like from here, and starting playing a slow, sweet tune.

Michael took a step back and bowed. “Curtsy,” he told me.

“Oh!” I did, rather awkwardly.

He laughed.

“Don’t make fun of me.”

“I wasn’t. I just happen to think of something humorous at this moment.”

“Oh, I’m sure.”

He closed the distance between us. Michael placed his left hand on my shoulder and fitted his right hand in my left.

“Just follow my lead, but don’t stare at the ground the whole time.”

I nodded, my hands starting to sweat.

The violinist repeated his beginning solo, but this time the others joined in. Michael nodded his head ever so slightly, as though finding the beat.

I tried to follow him as best as I could, I really did. My eyes were locked on his feet as we moved around the floor, not in time with the music, but close enough. Five times I stepped on his feet. Five times! My winter boots were not helping. I had to stop and pull away from him, just so I could take them off. My socks didn’t have much traction, but at least I wasn’t crushing his toes.

“Okay, can I say one thing?” I asked.

“Only one?” He grinned.

“For now. Isn’t this technically a slow song? Didn’t you say you hated them?”

He cringed. “This really isn’t a slow song.”

“Seriously? We’re practically doing the waltz. Though very awkwardly.”

He only smiled. I was starting to hate that smile of his. Not in a bad way, just in an annoyed way. Honestly, I think he was enjoying himself. But why would he enjoy dancing with someone who could not dance? I was possibly the worst partner he had ever had. This guy has probably had dance lessons since he could walk.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed several of the servants had paused from their jobs and were watching us with gleeful looks. My cheeks returned to that horrible color. At least the other noble families and royal family weren’t here to witness my terrible lightness of foot. If there had been people here, I’m pretty sure we’d be bumping into them.

Michael let go of my shoulder, took my other hand and attempted to twirl me. I wasn’t prepared for it. He ended up getting my arm locked behind me.

“Ow,” I laughed.

He let go. “Sorry, I should’ve warned you.”

“No. Well, yes, you should’ve. Novice here!”

We got into the starting position again, moved around the floor, until finally, finally the violinist played a long note and lifted the bow off his violin. Michael took a step back and bowed. Again, I curtsied, terribly.

“Not bad,” he remarked.

“Oh, it was bad! Don’t deny it!”

He put his hands behind his back. “Well, there is always room for improvement. But I will say it again, not bad.”

I rolled my eyes.

If you have ever written a dance scene before or know how to dance and would like to offer some advice, please do!

3 thoughts on “The First of Many

  1. Anna R.

    Awwww, so cute! I have never written a dance scene before, but I have ballroom danced before. Just to ease my curiosity, have you? If not, I might suggest trying it with a sibling or watching a video on YouTube or something. I only say that because when you say that she was staring at the floor, especially in first person, it would probably be more personal to describe a little of what she seeing or what his feet are doing. That is my only suggestion. Besides that, I loved this scene!! 🙂

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