The Kindly Lion and the Devious Cat

Happy Sunday! I have a quiz tomorrow! Yay 😦 Anyway . . .

I wrote this fable for my General Composition class from my first quarter of community college in 2015. Enjoy!

In a land far away, there was a winding path that wound its way through a dark forest. In this forest lived a lion, which spent most of his time sleeping in a cave. But whenever travelers journeyed the road, the lion would wake up and watch the travelers to make sure their journey through the dark forest was safe. Then one day, the lion left the forest.

In a village nearby, there lived a devious cat that was very mischievous. When rumors spread that the lion left, the cat decided to make himself a mane and pose as the lion. When travelers journeyed through the dark forest, the cat hid in the shadows and terrorized the travelers. Many began to fear that the lion had turned against them. Fathers and sons armed themselves and searched for the lion, to put an end to his reign of terror, but the cat was always careful to make sure they never found him out. After a while, the cat became bored with terrorizing the people of the village, and so he hung up his mane and moved onto more mischief. Sometime later, the lion returned.

During one dark night, a carriage was heard on the road, and so the lion woke up and followed the carriage at a safe distance, or so he thought. Before he knew it, the lion was attacked by the villagers and he died on the winding path in the dark forest. The cat was so devastated that he swore to never cause trouble again.

I know, kind of depressing. Still makes me sad 😦 But what did you think? Have you ever written a fable or fairy tale before? If yes, what was it about? If no, you should. It’s fun and they’re short and sweet with a message attached. if you’re wondering what the moral in this one was, it was something along the lines of “Causing trouble for others can lead to dire consequences.”

(c)2017 Hope McPherson All Rights Reserved

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