Cover Compulsions

Okay, I can’t be the only one who does this in their free time. And yet, I do this when I don’t have free time and should be reading chapter 3 in my Sociology textbook . . . but it’s so fun!!! Would highly recommend. Used Adobe Illustrator and a little bit of Photoshop (for the type). If you don’t have Adobe or don’t want to use Adobe, Microsoft Word would work (alliteration, oh boy). But, here are some covers I’ve made for a book that hasn’t even been in the hands of an editor, yet. Enjoy!

This was my favorite out of the other three colors I chose for the background: brown, black, and blue.
Yes . . . that’s me.
The orb gets the spotlight – typography issues *shakes head*
A little plain, but played around with new fonts. New fonts are the best!
Squealing with delight! I love love love this one SO much! BTW this is my favorite so far 🙂 I mean look at the contrast! The dark blue, faded edge, the Mayence Premium font . . . *chills*

So yes, I have a little too much time on my hands or no time at all, and instead of improving my education OR WRITING, I make these. But what do you think, really? I’m always open to feedback and constructive criticism! Although, this post might suggest that I’m leaning towards self-publishing . . . Oh, well that’s a little ways down the road *nervous laugh*. Speaking of writing, I should go finish revising chapter 11. Have a good evening, or morning, or afternoon, depending on when you’re reading this!

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