The Future of This Blog

Good evening! Finished the first day of school for the Winter Quarter – it’s going to be a very busy quarter for me. I wanted to take a moment to discuss the purpose or goal of this blog. I might’ve mentioned some ideas I had on earlier posts, but I wanted to make it official on what I wanted to write about and share. So, let’s get right to it!

Excerpts – Twice a Month (Sunday)

How do you feel about reading some stories I wrote in junior high and high school? Granted, it will be completely embarrassing for me. And not all of them are finished stories:) But it’s nice to reminisce.

Character: Interviews & Introductions

Inspired by Anna from Swords and Quills, I’d love to do some character interviews for youuntitled-1 because – and I’m going to act like a proud mamma here – my “Orb of ‘Unlimited’ Power” characters are awesome fictional people. At least, I think they’re awesome, and I want you to get to know them better! But, I was thinking, instead of having me ask the questions to them, what if there were two characters asking each other the questions? The questions would of course come from you (and make them fun, they can even be “Would you Rather?” questions!) and of course you’d get to choose which two characters sit down together. But how would I choose which two you suggest when there are multiple outcomes? I’m thinking, first come – first serve, or if two or more people come up with the same pair.

As for introductions, there are still some characters that need to be introduced and drawn:)

Book Reviews

So far I’ve done one. The next book review will be on Eragon. I haven’t gotten too deep into the story, yet. The reviews would of course be my honest opinion, whether I liked the book or not.

Information on Coran

I still want to share more about this world with you!

Writing Tips, Lessons, & Helpful Quotes – Once a Week

This will generally be about things I have learned along this perilous journey I am venturing. I might mention blog posts from other bloggers who have helped me. For instance, Kristen Kieffer. Go check out her blog NOW (well, maybe after you finish reading this post). I wish I had known about her before I started writing the first draft of my WIP. Kristen is a writing coach. She has so many helpful posts! And lastly, I’ll share quotes, tips, and humorous photos I stumble upon. For instance, photos like these!

So that’s the plan! I’ll try to post once a week – two or three at the most. But what do you think?




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