2017 Reading Challenge

I love challenges. I’m not exactly sure why . . . I’ve been wondering that for some time. Anyway, lately I’ve started making goals for myself that I hope to accomplish in the year 2017. One of them was to read every book on one of my bookcases, but then I went on Pinterest and found this 2017 Reading Challenge and thought . . . why not? I’ve always seen these, but never attempted them, until now. 3f14ce11b457b091ba0b5d02234e2f04

Lots and lots of reading. This is going to be fun! By December 31, 2017 I’ll post this list again with hopefully all or the majority of the boxes checked, plus the title of each book I read.

So, what do you think? Do you want to jump on the same train? Have you already done one of these challenges? Is it cheating if I want to start early?


8 thoughts on “2017 Reading Challenge

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