Main Coran Cast

I would like to introduce you to the wonderful people from Coran! Enjoy!

artboard-9Fileus Hartkins hasn’t had the best luck in the world. His parents were murdered for being mages when he was young. He fell in-love, but things between them didn’t work out. He had to give up his only child so as to see that she was safe. And he finds himself thrown in between a personal civil war between two demigod brothers. Aside from that, he’s a really nice man. Fileus works as an apothecary, and a physician sometimes – he loves to help people. Family means everything to him and so does friendship.

artboard-20King Salamon Corwall is a very, how do I put this lightly, set in his ways sort of person. He’s not easily persuaded. He became king at a young age, after his father was “mysteriously” assassinated. Salamon doesn’t understand love. No one in his life ever loved him and so he’s never learned to show love to his wife, or even his children. He’s not affectionate, but he cares. There are rare moments when one can see the admiration he has for his family. His one fear in his life is losing everything he worked so hard to build. If that means forcing his own son to be like him, so be it.

artboard-19Queen Lilith Corwall is a well-educated and proper woman. Her family was once wealthy, but lost all their forture. Lilith spent the majority of her youth working to build and reclaim her family’s wealth, until she married the king. She loves her two children more than herself and will do anything to protect them and see that they are safe. She knows never to contradict her husband or to ever disagree with him. But the day will come when she has to choose between the safety of her child or the approval of her husband.

artboard-14Prince Michael Corwall is a good kid, overall. He loves his little sister so much and dotes on her. He’s educated, respectable in the court, and knows how to act. He hates his manservant, but really, Michael needs someone he could unleash his anger on. It gets tiring to keep it in. He loves being alone, especially going out riding with his horse Coal, out in the fields and beyond. He’s a good swordsman and knows how to protect himself and survive. But he’s still a young boy who’s learning to think for himself and learning to make his own decisions and mistakes.

artboard-15Princess Mia absolutely loves being a princess. She loves the dresses, the etiquette, the parties, and her life in the castle. But Mia is very shy when it comes to meeting new people, but once you get to know her, you almost miss the shy girl. She also loves her brother, who is a few cycles older than her, and her mother. She tries to love her father, but he can be scary at times. Mia is a dedicated reader. She has own private library in a separate room from her chambers. To her, her life was perfect.

artboard-4Sara Lavine grew up in the Castle of Corwall. Her mother and Queen Lilith are close friends, so whenever her mother would travel out of the kingdom, she would leave Sara in Lilith’s care. Sara is a girl who understands her duty, who know what she needs to believe, who knows how to act, and she never really gets upset with her mother for never treating her like how a daughter should really be treated – with love, affection, and attention. Basically, she conforms with the crowd, though she has her moments of rebellion.

artboard-5Haylen Yate is the type of person who seems really nice at first, but once you get to know him, he becomes a bit disagreeable. He is the son of a nobleman and the cousin of Prince Michael. Before Michael was born, Haylen would’ve been next in line for the throne of Caledonia, and his father Percival was excited about this. But when Michael was born, that dream was shattered. Haylen absolutely hates Michael and tries his best to be better than him, to show the kingdom that he could’ve been a better prince and perhaps king.

artboard-10Kilian Marlow is very private person. The only human being he actually talks to in the who world is his brother Gyle. He prefers to live a quiet life, but sadly his world is turned upside down when he is called to be the Prince of Caledonia’s manservant. Kilian isn’t very confidant or sure of himself. The prince doesn’t treat him well, but Kilian doesn’t mind because his life is already a downer. I mean, what could possible make his life any worse than being torn from his day-to-day life to live in a kingdom far away from the only person he cares about?

artboard-3Arkhill and his brother are demigods. Both were charged to look after Coran, but both have different views on how it should be run. Having a long life is not the greatest thing in the world. Watching everyone you love grow old and die took a toll on Arkhill. Throughout most of his life, he never grew attached to anything or anyone. Anytime his brother and him fought, Arkhill would leave Coran and spend some time on another world, learning about new cultures, and sometimes he’d bring back a couple of creatures to Coran because his mother hardly cared about the animal life.



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