Main Earth Cast

Oh, man, I am super excited to finally share my characters with you ! All these characters are from my WIP series. All photos were drawn by me and then digitally edited with Adobe Illustrator. So, let’s jump right in!

artboard-1James Turner is a part-time writer, but during the day he has a desk job at a corporate company. He’s not entirely loving the desk job, but it pays the bills. He absolutely adores his four children and does his best to be there for them by going to their soccer games, band recitals, and during the days when they’re completely wild, he takes them to the park down the street and plays with them until dinner time. James is a very social and welcoming type of person, but he has his moments where he needs some time to himself, and one can usually find him in his study writing his latest mystery novel.

artboard-2Evelyn Turner is an accountant. She loves her children more than life itself. But with four kids it can be hard to continue with her work. Evelyn is at home when they are not in school, playing with them or if she finds that she has an hour or even a minute to herself, one can usually find her in her room reading non-fiction or memoirs with a hot cup of green tea. James would definitely say Evelyn was a bit of a paranoid person and also someone who doesn’t appreciate big changes in life. Evelyn is a little OCD. Whenever she plans parties or invites close friends over at her house, the whole place needs to be spotless.

artboard-6Stephan Turner is the eldest adopted child. He is two years older than the twins and five years older than Alaine. Stephan’s birth mom’s name is Leslie, who he sees often. Stephan loves his younger siblings, even though they can be quite vexatious. He’s sort of became Alaine’s protector when she joined the family – well, he protects all of his younger siblings. He’s a quiet guy, but very popular among his friends at school. He was a good student and now he’s at the university in the engineering program.

artboard-7Charlie Turner is an identical twin. He claims to be older than Hunter. He’s a bit of a nerd and a geek; likes music, video games, science and math classes, and just loves to learn something new everyday. When he was ten, Charlie was given this fact book for Christmas and for a sold year, every time at dinner, he’d read off a list of facts to his family. But after the year, he realized they didn’t really care as much as he did, and so he stopped. Hunter and Charlie’s mom is dead, and they have no idea where their dad is, and they don’t really care. Charlie could never imagine himself living with another family. He has a few friends, but he and Hunter usually stick together.

artboard-11Hunter Turner is a pure extrovert, attention seeker, and he just always seems to have energy, even after running a mile in gym class. His job in the family is to bug everyone, especially his little sister. He knows her so well that he knows exactly how to get under her skin. His teachers in elementary school and junior high didn’t really appreciate his overly eager attitude. So, one day, Evelyn and James sat down and decided to get their little energetic boy into sports. And it seemed to tone his excitement down, but every now and then there are days when he gets on everyone nerves and when Stephan, Charlie, Alaine, and even James can’t calm him down, it’s one word from mom and he’s as quiet as a mouse. Hunter is a very popular kid at his high school. He’s actually one of the best players in, well, pretty much every sport the school offers. Though, he might be spending more time with his sports than with his studies.

artboard-12Alaine Turner is sarcastic, funny, sweet, disagreeable at times, confident in certain situations, and sensitive. She likes to read, loves to sleep in, loves food, enjoys hanging out with her best friend Matthew, and she loves her family. But everything changes for her when Portia the Orb and her birth father Fileus Hartkins enter her life. Aside from the realization that Alaine was in fact born on another world and has new magical powers that do what she wants, she also finds out she is the last surviving heir to the most powerful seat on Coran.

artboard-16Matthew Hart is a pretty good kid. He hardly ever disobeys his dad, and he has a pretty good relationship with him. Matthew loves music; he plays the saxophone in band class. He loves movie marathons, and especially likes to watch them with Alaine. Alaine and him have been best friends since they were practically three or four. They were pretty much forced to become friends by their moms, who were best friends with each other. Everybody loves Matthew: his teachers, every parent who meets him, the Turners, people on the street, everyone! He’s a very polite and mature person, but once the adults are gone and Alaine is at his side, the goofy, immature kid comes out.




(c)2017 Hope McPherson All Rights Reserved

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  1. Anna R.

    Good job with your art!! Those pictures are amazing!! This was a really cool post! It really helped me to get a better idea of your character’s personality’s. I can’t wait for the Coran cast post!! 🙂

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