The . . . I Really Need to Figure Out a Name for this . . . Series

So, that series I mentioned. Let’s see, I should probably provide a little background or in other words, an Origin Story!

Once upon a time there was this little girl who really wanted to read, but she had a hard time because she was dyslexic, and words were just really confusing to understand and especially to pronounce. But still she persisted because she knew it was in her blood to be a reader! Years later, this woman mentor came along and saw how distraught this girl was and decided to help her. She found ways to teach the girl how to read faster, understand, and pronounce words correctly. The woman basically set the caged bird free. From then on, the girl went on a frenzy, reading every book she could get her hands on. A book was always in her hand, in her nose or in her face. She never went anywhere without one! And then something started to happen in her mind. The girl start imaging different stories happening to these characters she read about. She started imaging herself in these author’s worlds, having adventures along with these characters and sometimes taking the story in a different direction. But after a while, the girl got tired of putting herself into other author’s worlds, and so one summer day in 2008, she made up her own world calling it Caledonia. She created her own characters, her own kingdoms, her own adventures, and didn’t write any of these stories down . . . tsk, tsk, tsk. The girl did try to write a story, but she never got any further than just a few pages. The big, ugly, mean Writer’s Block kept getting in her way, forcing her to stop. She tried everything to defeat this villain, but all her endeavors failed, until six years later, when she decided to tackled the villain again. The girl bottled up all her strength and tackled the story once again. There were many fights with Writer’s Block, but the girl defeated him at each battle. And then finally, she finished the first draft.

Now, you’re probably wondering what the story is about. Fair warning, I am still working on it. It’s not perfect, but this is ultimately what the story is about, or I should say, what the first book is about.

Alaine Turner thought she was living the “typical” life of a Earthling. She was adopted, though she knew nothing about who her birth parents were, only that she was abandoned when she was born. She had friends, a wonderful family she loved, and honestly a good life, even though she took several things for granted. But then this “typical” life turns upside down when her birth father Fileus Hartkins comes into her life. And what does her birth father tell her after fifteen years of zero contact? Nothing. He doesn’t even tell her he’s her father. What he did was he gave his daughter a magical orb, which then ends up going inside his daughter. The orb, which has a mind of its own and a voice and calls itself Portia, explains to Alaine where she came from and who her parents were. Alaine was in fact born on another world called Coran. Her birth father was a mage and her mother was a human. The orb takes Alaine back to her birth world where she learns how to use her new magical powers, discovers more about her parent’s past, which includes finding out her mother was once the former high queen, befriends a prince, adopts a hornet (which is basically a unicorn), and starts to understand why she was given this magical orb that talks to her.

The synopsis needs work, I know. And there was nothing that mentioned the villain! Because there is not ONE villain. There are a few. There are people who try to take Alaine’s power from her because her magical gifts are kind of a little more powerful then all the other mages’.

I am currently half-way done with the second revision. I split the story into two parts. Though, I should probably stop blogging and actually go write . . . I’m so close to the finished line, I just see it right there, on the horizon line.

But, yeah. This is what I’ve been working on. I’m not working on other “unfinished stories” I’ve written because it just gets too confusing and I mix up the characters and places and it turns into such a mess! In the coming weeks, I will be posting excerpts, character descriptions with pictures (uh huh 🙂 ), and maybe even a map of Coran. Now, to actually go write . . .





4 thoughts on “The . . . I Really Need to Figure Out a Name for this . . . Series

  1. Anna R.

    Oh, The Orb of “Unlimted” Power! I can’t wait to find out more about this world and characters, especially Micheal!! 😀 Yeah, my story doesn’t just have one villian either. Yeah, I kind of should be writing too instead of commenting…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thereaderaddict

      Okay, I’m slowly writing the character descriptions, but I can’t decide something. Should I include a little backstory of James and Evelyn (Alaine’s parents)? How they met, why they wanted to adopt?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Anna R.

        That would be really cute! Especially if it was in the office when James and Evelyn are talking to Alaine about her being adopted. It would make that scene even sweeter! 🙂


  2. thereaderaddict

    It would . . . *cringes* . . . if i hadn’t revised that scene. Now, the same day Matthew’s mom dies, Alaine has a bad dream during the middle of the night and goes to her mom. And then Alaine asks very casually if her own parents are dead like Matthew’s mom, and her mom tells her she doesn’t know. And that’s when Evelyn decides to give her the horsehide Alaine was wrapped in as a baby, to help her sleep.
    BUT I can always have some other character ask Alaine how her parents met, and she could tell the short story.


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